KYOTO- INTRO- Located in island of Honshu, Kansai region, popularly called kyotoshi, it was the former capital of Japan, and the present capital of Kyoto prefecture. It is a Valley which is a part of Yamashio basin, with 3 mountains. Higashiyama, kitayama and nishiyama covering and three rivers, ujigawa, kakuragawa and kamogawa flowing. Humid subtropical climate prevail all through the town.

HISTORY/CULTURE- Kyoto existed from palaeolithic period, which was ruled by yamashiro province, then by Heian period, then by Meiji period, and finally by the Emperors of japan. Japanese culture, blended with Chinese culture is seen all over Japan. Hana toura, daimonji, kurama fire festival, kamogawa odouri, Aoi matsuri, Aion matsuri are popularly celebrated. Traditional Japanese music and dance prevail all over kyoto. Geisha dances, sword ceremony are popular while, kabuki and who are the art form.

REACHING- By Air- Kansas and Osaka are the nearby airport. By Train- There are trains from all over Japan to Kyoto. By Bus/Road- There are direct buses and highways are well laid. Local commutation- There are local buses, cabs, trains, to commute within the town.

TO DO- SIGHTSEEING- Nijo castle, shimogamo shrine, Heian shrine, kyoto imperial palace, philosophers walk, kyoto national museum, daikakunji, Tofukuji, Yasaha shrine, marogama park, Kifune shrine, daigoji, ninnaji, kyoto tower, jojakhoji temple, kenninji, nonomiya shrine are places to see.

EATING- Japanese cuisines prevail all through Kyoto. Besides Chinese, kaiseki cusine prevail. Tofu, yuba, kyoto sushi, mamezushi, mateha, Caesar salad, soy milk ramen, tofu doughnuts, Mikan, mochi are popular to taste.

SHOPPING- Electronic goods, souveneirs, artefacts, handicrafts, Japanese silk, jewellery, are popularly shopped. There are flea markers, that are popular all over kyoto.

OTHER THINGS TO DO- Night life is filled with enjoyment, relaxation and shopping in Kyoto. For adventure lovers, extreme, water, outdoor, sports are very famous. There are small temples and shrines to see and lot of historical, religious and cultural spots to see too. There are exotic pubs, bars, inneumerable restrunants and hotels to stay safe and eat, while there are supermarkets, malls to shop and spas to rejuvenate.

TRIP PACKAGES- There are weekend, one day, short, holiday, and tourist packages offered from all over Japan and world to Kyoto.

With summer, rainy and winter seasons by, kyoto has travellers all round the year. A beautiful town, filled with bountiful nature and lots to see that adds beauty to Japan. A must see place in Japan.



Travelling for dance festivals(Taka Dhimi takita)

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India is a land of culture and heritage. Amidst lovely nature, famous places there are many culture oriented cities where one can explore art and classical dance festivals. These festivals not only made the city, but classical famous all through India.

Learning classical dancing is an art and a way of reaching God. I have been and am learning Bharatanatyam-a classical dance from Tamilnadu. I have been to many dance festivals, which not only gave me love for dancing but a great passion to travel for dance festivals.

CHAITRA PARBA CHHAU- This festival is held at Orissa for three days. It is celebrated by “Bhuiyans tribes”. Mayurbhanj chhau is the classical dance form of Orissa. The lord worshipped during this festival is lord shiva. Chhau dance captures the attention of many hearts. Besides classical dance, classical music, folk and margao arts, are performed. This festival is held in the month of April.

ELEPHANTA FESTIVAL- A famous festival from Maharashtra held every year at Mumbai. This festival is organised by Maharashtra tourism development. This festival is by local fishermen tribe, who also display variety cultural food of Maharashtra. This festival is held at elephants island,where Navy team provide boats to visitors to the island. Lord shiva is worshiped. This festival is to promote culture and tourism of India. It is held in the month of February.

KHAJURAHO DANCE FESTIVAL- This dance festival takes place at Madhya Pradesh Chitragupta temple. This festival is dedicated to sun god and lord Shiva. It is a weeklong festival for classical dance performers. Khajuraho temple, depicts various arts and skills which include music and dance. Other classical dances like kuchipudi,oddissi are performed. This festival is famous for art and craft visitors. It is held in the month of March.

KONARK DANCE FESTIVAL- It is organised by Orissa dance academy at Konark. With the poem at backdrop on the stones, this festival is a cultural feast. The sound of ghungaroo bells, flute and pakhauj add to the festival attractiveness. A craftsmen mela along with cuisine and handicrafts mela are held. This festival is held in the month of February.

NATYANJALI DANCE FESTIVAL-This festival is at Chidambaram Tamilnadu. Here all dancers give their performances at Chidambaram temple prakaram, in front of lord Nataraja. It a held on mahasivarathri day. Dancers full with intense bliss, devotion, and with abinaya, perform in front of the lord. It is held in the month of January-february.

ELLORA AJANTHA FESTIVAL- It is held at Aurangabad and conducted by Aurangabad festival committee. This festival is held at soneri mahal. There is a mix of classical and folk dancers. Craft exhibitions are held during this festival. Previously it was held at Kailash temple. It is held in the month for November-December.

For all dance lovers, art lovers once in life time travel to these festivals, for they have to be visited without fail.




“Tamil cuisine”- a popular food prevailing all over Tamilnadu. Rice is the staple food of Tamilnadu, food is prepared hot, flaovoured and garnished with spices, legumes and lentils. Serving food is a part of Tamil culture. “Elia saapadu- Banana leaf – a traditional way of eating food, prevails all over the state.

TYPICAL BREAKFAST- Idlys, dosas, Vadas, uttapam, Pongal are served with sambhar and chutney. Filter coffee compels a full breakfast in Tamilnadu.

LUNCH/DINNER- “Virudhu saapadu” “Elai saapadu” “Tamilnadu meals” are famous. Rice is served with sambhar, rasam, Kootu, Priyal, mor khozambu, vata Kuzhambu, apalam, curd, and payasam are popular.

STREET FOOD- Parotta, Kalaki,Vada, chicken fry, Bhajji, bonda, Sundal, murukku, jigarthanda, paniyaram, chaat items, idiyappam are popular.

SWEETS- Payasam, kozhukattai, mysore pak are very famous and yummy to eat.

BEVERAGES- coffee, neer mor, coconut water, are popular.

TYPES OF CUISINE- Besides Tamil cuisine, chettinadu, kongunadu, nanjilnadu, tirunelveli cuisine are prevailing.

Mouthwatering, yummy food, to taste are seen all over Tamilnadu. There are restrunants, hotels, that serve authentic Tamilnadu food and many shopping streets that serve yummy street food.




IZU- INTRO- It is a peninsula, located southwest of Tokyo. This town is situated in central Shizuoka prefecture. Amagi mountains run all through the town, Kano river runs all through the town. Hot springs are popular in this town. Izu is one of the municipal town of Shizuoka prefecture.

HISTORY/CULTURE- It aaa duels by Edo clan, then by Meiji clan, then by the emperors of Japan, and finally by the Okubo clan. Japanese culture, prevail all through the town. Kawazu cherry blossom festival, Hydrangea festival, Hina matsuri, kawagee matsuri, are popularly celebrated. Sanbaso dance, kagura dance, sarukka odori dance, are popular. Art glass and kamofurin wind chimes making are popular.

REACHING- By air-Oshima airport is the nearest airport to izu. By Train- There are trains from Tokyo to izu. Though service is very limited, still there are many local trains to travel. By Bus/Road- There are direct buses to Izu and highways are very well laid. Local commutation- There ae local buses, local trains, local cabs, to commute within the city.

TO DO- SIGHTSEEING- Mount Amagi, joren falls, Toig old mine, awashima, yugashima hot springs, Bamboo forest path, Darumayama, shuzinji natural park, Nirayama castle are popular to see.

EATING- Japanese cuisine is very popular to eat in izu. Sushi, seasnails, wasabi, red snapper are popular. Seafood and Chinese cuisine are popular all over the town.

SHOPPING- Japanese silk, electronic goods, artefacts, handicrafts, souvenirs are popularly shopped.

OTHER THINGS TO DO- Nighlife is exotic with colourful pubs and bars filled with soulfilling music and dances. For adventure lovers, extreme sports, water sports, are popular. There are pilgrimage centres, religious centres, historical spots to visit without fail. There are pubs and spas to rejuvenate and relax.

TRIP PACKAGES- Weekend, one day, short trip, holiday, tourist, family packages offered from all over Japan and world.

May-August is the best time to visit izu. A beautiful place adding beauty to Japan and place to visit without fail.


Fitness during Travel

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We are on a holiday, no doubt, just relaxing, forgetting our daily work, stress, but it is a must to add simple exercises to our travel plans. Many hotels, resorts offer yoga rooms, yoga mats, and gym rooms to workout. If at all we don’t find time to work out, as the same time we don’t want to miss our daily workout, here are a few tips.

-Doing push ups in the room tones our muscles.

-Jumping up and down like a child for about 10minutes spreading out hands and legs apart, just boosts our energy.

-Chair dip exercises, straightens out spine muscles and gives energy too.

-Doing breathing exercises or pranayama helps a lot giving, over all fitness.

-Press up floor exercises strengthens our body and tones our arms and legs.

– climbing or getting down the strairs is better than the lift. Each time we climb or get down unknowingly, our energy level increases.

-Walking around the hotel or resort is a must for about 10mts, for it refreshes our whole body system.

-swimming for about 20mts comes alternative to walking our muscles tone and stretch completely.

Travelling is enjoying provided we do find time to maintain our soul, body and mind. Happy travelling.




There are travel packages that offer the best adventure sports. Adventure sports is a blend of excitement and happiness, within, be a honeymoon couple or a be a family, adventure sports are widely enjoyed. Tamilnadu is a place to enjoy the best adventure sports, a traveller could enjoy. There are two more type of sports, extreme, watersprots, that come under adventure sports.

KOLLI HILLS- located in Tiruchendur, which is 50km away from Namakkal, popularly called kollimalai hills, trekking is popular here. Trekking to Agaya Gangai waterfalls’ and then seeing the pineapple research farm, and then moving on to the caves is a wonderful experience and life long memory for an adventure sport lover. There are cycling, natural trails, adventure parota also done.

TOPSLIP- Situated in coimbatore, 30km away from pollachi, topsoil has been a popular trekking spot, with wonderful safaris and jeep rides. There are guided trekking packages offers which starts from Topslip and ends at Karian shola.

PERUMAL PEAK- Situated in Kodaikanal it is called Trekkers paradise which starts from perumalai hills. There are overnight camping, hiking and natural trails sports popularly done.

SULUR LAKE- Located in coimbatore it is popular for canoeing and kayaking. He on will see the lovely birds, scenic beauty and the cool lovely air.

TIRUMOORTHY HILLS- Located at Udumalpet, near coimbatore it is a popular place for rock climbing. It is also famous for forest hikers, jungle walking,bird seeing and natural trails.

NILGIRIS- Paragliding is the most famous adventure sports done here. They are mostly guided and give you full view of Mettupalayam and Nilgiris, the lush greenery the lovely landscapes and variety flora.

CHENNAI- Beach water sports very popular here. They are a part of packages offered to chennai. One can see the lovely,clear blue water, covered by pristine sands on one side, and harbour and lighthouse on the other side. Parasailing, swimming are famous here.

Besides the above, hang gliding at Kodaikanal. Angling at several water resources of Tamilnadu and amusement water parks like kishkanta, Queensland, MGM are very popular adventure sports to enjoy. Being a state fills with lot of culture and tradition the Kurinji region, the mullai region, the marodham region, the Palai and the Neidhal are filled with abundant nature and also it is a place for adventure lovers and seekers.




NAGASAKI- INTRO- Capital of Nagasaki prefecture on the island of Kyushu Japan it is a UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE site, where atomic bomb was dropped during World War II. Nagasaki means Long cape mount unzen are the ranges covering Nagasaki. Humid subtropical climate prevail all through the city. Arie river flow all through the town.

HISTORY/CULTURE- Portuguese explorers found this town in 1543. It was ruled by Kyushu daimyol, then by sengoku peiodm then by shikoku period, then by Spanish explorer then by Meiji clan and finally by the emperors of Japan. Japanese culture prevail all through the town. People of Nagasaki are cultured and warm hearted. Nagasaki kunchi festival is very popularly celebrated, besides, Emukae sentoro matsuri, Sharon Nagasaki are famous. Sankai juku, yosakai are the traditional music of Japan.

REACHING- By air- Nagasaki airport is small. Nagoya and Nalia airport are the nearest well connected airports. By Train- There are trains till Kyushu and Fukako. By Bus/Road- There are direct buses to Nagasaki and highways are well laid. Local commutation- There are local buses, cabs, trains, metros, and ferries to commute within the city.

TO DO- SIGHTSEEING- Hashima island, Nagasaki peace park, Nagasaki bomb museum, glover garden, Confucius shrine, Nagasaki park, Chinatown, seaside park, penguin aquarium, suwa shrine, sofukuji, kofukuji, sanno shrine, Fuchi shrine, port Hoorn are places to see.

EATING- Japanese cuisine prevail all through the town. Traditional Japanese cuisine and Chinese cuisine are also seen. Seafood is tasty and very popular. Some dishes by to taste-Shippoku, Beef, oyster, omura sushi, Goto udon, guzouni, castelle, sake, sochu, Iki shochu are popular.

SHOPPING- Glass items, artefacts, handicrafts, souveniers, Japanese silk are popularly shopped. Chinatown is a popular shopping place. There are malls, shops, supermarkets, arcades to do window shopping and enjoy.

OTHER THINGS TO DO- For adventure lovers, water sports, and extreme sports are popular in Nagasaki. For night lovers, there are pubs, clubs, and beers to enjoy with music and dance. There are rejuvanating spas and resorts, besides the above there are cultural, religious and historical spots to visit.

TRIP PACKAGES- weekend, one day, holiday, short trip, tourist packages are offered to Nagasaki from all over the world and Japan.

April to November is the best time to visit Nagasaki. A town filled with beauty and abundant nature to see in Japan. A historical place to visit.


Tamilnadu -3g

YELAGIRI- INTRO- popularly called vellore, Yelagiri, situated on vaniyambadi-Tirupattur road, it is a beautiful hill station covered with lovely rose gardens and green valley. Cool weather prevail all through the town.

LITTLE HISTORY/CULTURE- Elagiri zamindari family ruled for a long time, and later it was occupied by Britishers. Vellala Gounder are the first inhabitants of this town. Tamilnadu culture prevail all through the town. Yelagiri summer festival is grandly celebrated.

TO DO- SIGHTSEEING- Nature park, jalagamporai falls, punganur lake, Jalagandeeswarar temple, swamimalai hills are places to see.

EATING- Tamilnadu cuisine prevail all through Yelagiri. Dosa varieties, idlys, Vadas, coffee are popular and yummy too. Crispy, hot fried snacks are popular to bite too.

SHOPPING- A place to shop spices, coffee powder, honey, jackfruit and souveneirs.

OTHER THINGS TO DO- Nightlife is popular with music and dance. It is an ideal place for adventure lovers. Trekking, hiking, boating, are popular. There are exotic resorts to relax and rejuvanating spas. There are cultural, religious, historical centres to visit.

Chennai is the nearest airport, there are trains till jolarpettai, there are direct buses and highways are well laid. From chennai it is 5 hours ride up the hill. November-February is the ideal time to visit Yelagiri. My flat mates 5 of them, took a weekend trip to Yelagiri. MRS.GEETHA RAMSUNDAR, my friend gave me details about the place and the best time they had. She said, “Travellers leave behind your worries and stress, enjoy the beautiful green lush and different varieties of plants with beautiful flowers. A couple of days away from the polluted and high concrete buildings is a must to rejuvenate our senses. I liked the home stay-the place we stayed at, and the amazing walks around the lake.”. A beautiful place to visit.

Besides the 7 hill stations I wrote, there are Kotagiri, Velliangiri hills, Annamalai hills, meghamalai hills to visit.


Popular Hill stations in karnataka

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Karnataka situated on the the south western region Indian bordered by Arabian Sea, laccadive sea, it is the 7th largest state in India. Two main rivers, Krishna and Kaveri flow through karnataka. Bengaluru is the capital city of Karnataka.

Karnataka hill stations are situated in the Malenadu region. They are filled with very rich flora and fauna, lush greens and thick jungles, which not only shows beautiful nature, but makes trips to hill stations, rejuvenating and peaceful.

Here is a list of popular hill stations in Karnataka.

CHIKMAGALUR- situated on the banks of Tunga and Bhadra, located on the western ghats, it is the highest peak in Karnataka. This hill station is famous for coffee plantations, waterfalls-Hubble, wildlife-Bhadra sanctuary, temple-Hoysala and national park-Kudremukh. HOW TO REACH- By air-Mangalore and Hubli are the nearest airports. By Train- Birur is the main junction and from here there are connecting lines to Chikmagalur. By Road- NH13 highway connects. Coffee and coffee powder are famous in Chikmagalur. October to April is the best time to visit. Trekking, rafting and kayaking are famous adventure sports in Chikmagalur.

AGUMBE- Situated on Shimoga district it is called the Cherrapunji of south. This hill station lies on the hilly, wet region of western ghat mountains. It is famous for, popular waterfalls -Abbi falls, koodlu theertha falls, sunset view point, many medicinal plants, thick flora and rich fauna. HOW TO REACH- By air- Mangalore is the nearest airport and 100km away is Agumbe. By Train- Shimoga station is well connected and there are trains from here to Agumbe. By Road- There are direct buses to Agumbe. November to February is the best time to visit Agumbe. Rafting, surfying and kayaking are famous adventure sports in Agumbe.

KEMMANAGUNDI- Situated on Chikmagalur district, the very name kemmanagundi means-Red soil pit. It is called Sri krishnarajendra hill station. It is popular for, ornamental gardens, picturesque valley views, sunset point, Hebbe falls and rose gardens. HOW TO REACH- By sir- mangalore is the nearest airport. By Train- Birur and Kadur are near railway station. By Road- NH 48 connects to many highways. May to June is the best time to visit kemmanagudi. Trekking and rafting are famous adventure sports done in kemmanagudi.

YANA- A hill station situated in uttara Kannada district, is located in the Sahyadri mountain ratings. It is famous for thick forest, streams, Goddeas Durga bronze statue cave, swayambu shiva lingam, and Vibhuti falls. HOW TO REACH- By air- There are flights till bangalore and then there is flight direct to Yana. By Road- There are direct buses to Yana from Bangalore. By Train- From banglaore taking a train to kumta and from there many reach Yana. Yana is famous for two massive rocks-Mohini shikara and bhairaveshwara shikara. Best time to visit Yana is in the month of September-October. Rock climbing, rafting, and diving are famous adventure sports in Yana.

NERSA- It is situated at Belgaum district at an height of 762m. It is very popular for Mahadayi valley, rich flora, picturesque steely rock region, and wildlife for bats where 40 species are seen. HOW TO REACH- By air- Bangalore is the nearest airport and from there 505km away is Nersa. By Train-Khanapur is nearest junction. By Road- They are well connected highways. Nersa is famous for Mahadayi valley which is a famous picnic spot. August-September are the best months to visit Nersa. Trekking and paragliding are famous adventure sports done in Nersa.

KAKKABE- A beautiful hill station on the western ghats, famous for rich flora, thick forest and variety fauna. It is also a bird watcher paradise. This hill station is very famous for chelavara falls and nalknad palace. HOW TO REACH- By air- Mangalore airport is the nearest. By Train-Mangalore junction is the nearest. By Road- From mangalore the roads highways are well connected. September -May is the best time to visit Kakkaveri. Kakkaveri is very famous for coffee and cardamom plantations. Rock climbing and trekking are famous adventure sports of Kakkabe.

COORG- It is called Kodagu, situated on the south western part of Karnataka on the western ghats. This place is filled with rich flora and fauna, famous Abbey falls, dubare elephant camp, nagarhole national park, bylakuppe and Cauvery nisargadhama. HOW TO REACH- By air- Mangalore is the nearest airport. By Train- Mysore junction is well connected and 120kms away is coorg. By Road- There are direct buses to coorg. November-march is the best time to visit Coorg. Coorg is very famous for landscapes, waterfalls and misty mountains. Trekking, quad biking, river rafting are famous adventure sports.

Hill stations not only offer fresh air and coolness, they rejuvenate and make travel very enjoyable. Karnataka hill stations does the above, three years of living in Karnataka gave me a great opportunity to travel and explore to feel the peace.



Japan 18



INTRO- Located on the northwest of Hiroshima bay, it is a part of Hiroshima prefecture. It is popularly called Miyajima. It is also a famous world heritage site, where Itsukushima shrine is located. Humid temperature prevail all through the town. Mount misen ranges cover this whole city, otagawa river flow all through. This town is called shrine island of japan.

HISTORY/CULTURE- It was ruled by Taira-no, kiyomori clan, then by Heike clan, then by Meiji and Taisho era and finally by Japanese emperors. Japanese culture prevail all through the town. People of Itsukushima are warm hearted. Kiyomori festival, kangensai, Dolls festival kiyomori matsuri are celebrated. Bugaku Japanese music and traditional dance prevail all through the town.

REACHING- By air-Hiroshima airport is the nearest. By Train-There are trains and train lines laid to Itsukushima. By Road/Bus-There are buses direct to Itsukushima and highways are well laid. Local commutation- There are ferries to Itsukushima and local, trains, buses and cabs to commute.

TO DO- SIGHTSEEING- Itsukushima shrine, Daishoin, Momijidani park, daigayi, kiyomori shrine, seniyoukaku, miyao castle, omoto shrine, omato park, sankido are places to see.

EATING- Japanese cuisine prevail all through the town. Seafood is popular too. Grilled oysters, ayemomiji, fried momiji, Manju, anatomy eel, maple sweets, fish pasta snacks, Kinkan fruit, homemade cola, chilli distilled sembai, octupus, white anago, grilled pork are popular to eat.

SHOPPING- Japanese silk, accessories, artefacts, handicrafts, souvenirs, are popularly shopped. There are shopping streets, malls, supermarkets to shop.

OTHER THINGS TO DO- Adventure sports, extreme sports, water sports, are popularly done. Nightlife is enjoyable here with exotic pubs, bars and clubs in Itsukushima. There are inneumerable religious, historical and cultural centres to see in Itsukushima.

TRIP PACAKGES- Weekend, one day, holiday, tourist, packages are offered to Itsukushima from all over Japan and world.

April to October is the best time to visit. A very beautiful place to visit without fail in Japan.