Tamilnadu -2


a) CHENNAI- It is the capital city of Tamilnadu, which is a blend of culture, heritage, and modernity. It is also a place for shopping, eating yummy South Indian food, nightlife parties, and feel the cool beach air.

b) THANJAVUR- Called rice brown of Tamilnadu a city filled with handicrafts, and textiles,there are popular temples, cultural sites to visit.

c) KANYAKUMARI- A beach town, filled with heritage sites, a very popular city, where the three oceans meet. There are lot of shopping centres and yummy sea food and local food to taste.

d) COIMBATORE- A hustle city town, filled with popular places to see, coimbatore is also a religious city, filled with culture and traditions.

e) MADURAI- Popularly called the temple town of Tamilnadu a city that has the best old, cultural and heritage temples. Idlys are very popular here and yummy to eat too.

f) KARAIKUDI- An old city that is filled with beautiful houses, and finest architecture. Besides the villages around, the picturesque views, famous chettinadu samayal(food) is popular.

g) KUMBAKONAM- A town filled with lot of temples, history and deep traditions.

h) CHIDAMBARAM- Another temple towns of Tamilnadu, popular for the oldest temple, colourful dance festival, and very rich culture and history.

i) TIRUCHY- A city that has a blend of spiritualism and modernity. There are breathtaking landscapes, very rich greenery all over and temples to worship.

j) TIRUNELVELI- Another popular temple twin that has many old tempeks. Halwa(sweet) is very popular to eat here.

k) VELLORE- A historical town, that has many forts, besides there are lot of places to worship to see. Shopping cottons, artefacts are very popular here.

Besides the above Kanchipuram is a town very popular for fempela, Rameshwaram a beach town, Thiruvanamalai, a historical and a temple city too, Dhanushkodi a scenic beach town, Tuticorin a city famous for the best pearls and places to see.




NARA- INTRO- It is located on the Kansas region of Japan. This town is famous for kasugayama primevial forest, which is one of the world heritage site. This town was the first capital of Japan, during 710AD. Nara means -southern capital.

OTHER INFO- It lies on the north en of Nara prefecture, kyoto prefecture, climate here is moderate warm temperature. Mount wakakusa covers this whole town, while Yamato river flows all through the town.

HISTORY/CULTURE- It was ruled by Yamato clan, then by kofun clan, then by Nara clan which is called Nara period, and finally by Taira clan. Japanese culture prevail all four. Chinese culture is seen too. People of Nara are religious, tradition bound and friendly too. Fire festival, Mantoro, Takiji, Ono festival, are grandly celebrated while gagaku and traditional Japanese music is seen all over.

REACHING- By air- Kansai airprot is the nearest. By Train-There are many trains. On regular basis to Nara junction or station. By Bus/Road-There are direct buses to Nara and highways are very well laid. Local commutation- There are local buses, trains, cabs to commute.

SIGHTSEEING- Nara park, Nara museum, mount wakakusa, iga ueno casfle, todaiji, heijo palace, kofukuji, horkhiji, hoyuji, muroji, atamato, hannyaji temple are places to see.

EATING- Japanese cuisine, Buddhist vegetarian cuisine, prevail all over the town. Narazuke, somen noodles, kaki no hazushi, are some popular dishes to eat.

SHOPPING- Japanese handicrafts, artefacts, souveniers, electronic goods are popularly shopped. There are variety malls, shopping markets, supermarkets, to shop.

OTHER THINGS TO DO- Nightlife is very chilling, exotic, with variety pubs, bars, clubs, while for adventure lovers- there are adventure, extreme, water sports, done, and there are lot of religious, cultural, historical centres to visit and to relax there are spas, and massage centres.

TRIP PACKAGES- There are holiday, tourist, summer, winter, one day, weekend, short trip packages offered from all over japan and world.

March to November is the best time to visit Nara. A beautiful place, and a must visit in Japan.


What was it like sitting in front of the Eiffel Tower and watching its beauty-1

My published Tripto article. Link-www.tripoto.com/profile/Radhika narasimhan.

A massive tower, 324 meters tall, popularly called tallest man made structure and the tallest structure in Paris-where I was sitting in front of it at night 10pm with my family a month ago and watching its beauty. The feeling I had watching this structure and the massiveness gave me an impact and unique feeling of being small. We humans have tendencies to blow things in our mind, forgetting this world host massive things, which just stands out in this world, portraying beauty, peaceful ambience, amidst various problems.

Eiffel Tower looks very different in the daylight. The structure the constructions, are much visible in the day time. But night time the whole tower is covered with lovely yellow lights that gives an evenness on the tower. As you ride around the city the tower is visible from a particular point with ’tis sparkling lights a breathtaking view I shall say.




An entertainment park called EURO DISNEY RESORT which is 32km, away from Paris and owned by Walt Disney company. There are top five attractions that are popular. It’s a small world, space mountain, mission 2, Big thunder mountain, pirates of the Caribbean and Buzz light years Astro blasters. As we entered the theme park a thorough scrutiny and scanning took place. Before we entered the theme park, we were each handed a bag full of food to eat. It was also scrutinised. We sat on the grass, under the shade and had our food which came from “DAWAAT hotel”. It contained sufficient rice, Chana dal and plain dal for one person. Another box has samosas with ketchup. A wafer battle a small packer of chips, yogurt and chocolate was given other than coffee, we had everything in hand.

In the entrance we had to show our tickets, get it stamped and we moved inside. A map was picked up, for without it going for rides isn’t possible. Age wise the rides were divided and we went searching for rides for 15 year children and above. As these rides were under construction my daughter ended up playing totally 5 rides. Snow White and seven dwarfs, Pinocchio, Peter Pan, cave and mission2. There was que system and as they instructed if we stand and sit accordingly, you with enjoy the ride. Every ride has a small story lot of light effects, some characters that pop out and in 2 rides and sat at the restrunant, watching, “Bahubali” movie waiting for my family to play, enjoy and return.



SMALL INTRO/HISTORY-Popularly called the land of Tamils, located in the south most part of India, which is bounded by Kerala, karnataka and andhrapradesh, a popular city famous for temples, culture, beaches, and also has some world heritage sites. Eastern ghats, Nilgiris and Annamalai hills run all over the town. Bhavanai, Tamirabaranai, vaigai, coovum, Adyar are some popular rivers flowing.

Sub tropical climate prevail all through the city. It is hot, moderately cool and chill.

HISTORY- Harappans are the first inhabitants of Tamilnadu and Iravatham Mahadevan is the first person to mention Tamilnadu in the Indus script. It was then ruled by Cheras, chozhas and Pandyas then by Muslims and finally by Christians.

REACHING- By air- Chennai airport is well connected. By Train-There are direct trains to chennai junction and other functions in Tamilnadu. By Bus/car- There are direct buses and highways are very well laid. To commute within the city-There are state buses, local buses, local trains, metros, cabs, autos, share autos and rickshaws to commute.




SAPPORO- INTRO- It is located in the island of Hokkaido at Ishikari prefecture. Toyohira river and ishikari river flow all through the city. Mount Teine, mount Moiwa are the ranges covering this city. Humid continental climate prevail all through the town.

LITTLE HISTORY/CULTURE- Ainu clan are the first inhabitants of this town. It was ruled by Edo clan then by Meiji, Japanese culture prevail all through the town. Sapporo snow festival, yasokoi festival, Hokkudai festival, are popularly celebrated while Yosakoi, is the popular dance form.

REACHING- By air-Chitose airport is the nearest. By Train-Sapporo station is well connected. By Bus/Road-There are direct buses to Sapporo. By ferry-Ontaru and Tomokomai are the parts connected. Local commutation- By Bus, by local train, by car, cabs, commutation is done.

SEEING- Odori park, Sapporo bear museum, Sapporo clock tower, Sapporo zoo, Hokkaido shrine, Hokkaido historical village, hoheikyo hot spring are places to see.

EATING- Japanese cuisine, prevail all through the town. Snow crab, soup curry, sushi, French cuisine, kaiseki meals, meat based stock are popular to eat.

SHOPPING- Japanese artefacts, handicrafts, electronic goods, souveneirs are popularly shopped. Sapporo festival, tanukikoji, rera Chitose, outlet malls, akarenga terrace, norbesa are some shopping places.

OTHER THINGS TO DO- Chilling, partying, nightlife is popular in Sapporo. There are exotic pubs, bars, clubs, to enjoy nightlife slong with shopping. There are massage centres, spas, religious centres, cultural centres, and many temples and shrines to see. There are adventure, extreme, and water sports all over Sapporo.

TRIP PACKAGES- There are holiday, one day, short trip, tourist, summer, winter trip packages available all over Japan to Sapporo. February to ocotober is the best time to visit Sapporo.

A beautiful place with best climate prevailing all over, Sapporo is a place to visit without fail.


Why visit Andhrapradesh-3

My published Tripoto article, http://www.tripoto.com/profile/radhikanarasimhan

CUISINE- Rice is the staple food all through Andhra Pradesh. Their cuisine is called Telugu cuisine. Food prepared in Andhra Pradesh is usually tnagy, hot and spicy. A mixed blend of vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicacies are available in greater varieties. There are a variety cuisines starting from coastal Andhra,uttarandhra, telegana and rayalseema besides Hyderabadi and Mughal cuisine. BREAKFAST- Minapattu, pesarattu, uppundu pindi, garela(Vada), attukulu(poha) are popular to taste. VEGETARIAN DISHES- Annam(rice), pappu(dhal), oorpindi(chutney), pulusu and charu(sambhar and rasam), pappadam are popular dishes served. NON VEGETARIAN- Tala Kaya kura(meat), chepata pulusu(fish), gongura mamsam(lamb), Hyderabad palav(chicken), mutton biryani, Andhra chilli chicken, prawns are very yummy dishes to eat. SNACKS- Punukulu, mirapakaya bajji, pakodi, maramaraalu, chicken lollipop, chicken 65, are very famous street food. SWEETS- Pootharekulu, sunnundallu, poornalu, boondi laddu, kobori lawju are mouth watering sweets to taste.

SHOPPING- Andhra Pradesh has very popular things, that are unique and will stay as a memory in a travellers house. Handicrafts, silver art work, artefacts, mangalgiri sarees, Hyderabad pearls, kalamkari paints, hand woven carpets are shopped. Laad market, begun bazaar’ Ameerpet, Begumpet are popular markets.

My mother tongue being Telugu, travelling inneumerable times to many cities and parts in Andhra Pradesh, I would define Andhra Pradesh, as rich in culture, blend of modernity, and a very popular tourist destination. A state to visit and carry the memories within. 





SHOPPING- Tibetan products, wooden clothes, souveneirs, handmade candles, handicrafts are popularly shopped. Being a hill station-Beauty products, apples, berries, fresh hill fruits, are also shopped.

FAMOUS SHOPPING MARKETS- Dehradun market, Haridwar bazaar, Mussoorie Mall Road, Nainital bazaar, Raipur Road, paltan bazaar are famous shopping spots.

NIGHTLIFE- Enjoyable, relatable, colourful, foot tapping nightlife is seen all over Uttarkhand. Food and shopping are also a part of Uttarkhand nightlife. There are exotic pubs, bars, clubs to enjoy.

Besides the above, Uttarkhand has famous and inneumerable, cultural centres, ashrams, massage centres, spas, historical and religious spots to see.

TRIP PACKAGES- Weekend, one day, half day, adventure sports, holiday, summer, winter, tourist, honeymoon packages are offered from all over India.

An ideal place, loved by many travellers, who can see a blend of modernity and traditions, wonderful green nature at its best, yummy food, adreline pumping adventure and above all unknown place which you will carry.


Europe 14

The second level ride up the left takes about 5 minutes(waiting and riding up). There are steps that take you to just one step higher and gives you better view of Eiffel Tower. Night time is the best time to travel inside the Eiffel Tower. There are shops, restrunants and cafes on 2nd level in the Eiffel Tower. Boutiques, souveniers, are popular shopping places, while there are yummy cafes, cake shops, restrunants, snack bars to taste and drink. We spent another half an hour rounding the Eiffel Tower. Here wash rooms are free and que system is followed. After some selfies and pics we got down the Eiffel Tower. Though the lift gets down straight, while you ride on it, it would look like diagonal descending we decided to have some snack bites, while I had tea. Giving our names to pandeygi, we proceeded further to our coach.

From here our next visit was to DISNEY LAND-Paris. As other passengers got int th coach, we proceeded for the Disneyland, which is 1 hour ride from the Eiffel Tower. Disney land is of 2 types, a) Disney park b) Disney studios. Many of us dozed for the heat was picking up. Summer started from the day we arrived in Paris, compared to the previous day, it was hot. “Hello everybody, we are arriving at Disney land, you will be given 3 hours times, packed lunch, and a ticket. There is a parade after that please assemble near the coach”.




SENDAI- INTRO- It is a capital city of Miyaji prefecture. This city was found in 1600AD. It is also called city of Trees. Matsushima city is near to sendai. This town is also called Forest city. This city is filled with lush green.

HISTORY/CULTURE- This town first inhabitants are samurais which was ruled by Edo clans. Japanese culture prevail all through the town. People of Sendai, are warm hearted and very friendly. Tanbelta festivals are popularly celebrated. Akita Kanto makuri, nebuta matsuri are grandly celebrated. Japanese traditional dance and music are popular all through the city.

REACHING- By air-Sendai airport is well connected. By Train- There are fast trains from all over Japan to Sendai. By Bus/Road- There are direct buses and highways are well connected.

TO SEE- Aoba castle, Sendai city, museum ichitaro hot spring, dainohara forest park, sakunami onsen, akiu onsen, taya castle are places to see.

TEMPLES/SHRINES- Osaka hacimangu, zuihoden,joginyurai, saiho temple, rinnoji temple are places to see worship.

TO EAT- Japanese cuisine, seafood are popular. Gyutan, set meal, fish, Sendai beef steak, sushi, sendai miso, sasa Kamboho are popular food to eat.

TO SHOP- Japanese artefacts, handicrafts, souveniers, electronic items are popularly shopped. There are night markets and flea markets all over Japan beisdes, malls, supermarkets.

ADVENTURE- Extreme, adventure, water sports, are popular all over Sendai.

NIGHTLIFE- A chilling, partying, nightlife, is seen all over Sendai. There are exotic pubs, clubs, bars to enjoy and also do night shopping.

Besides the above there are inneumerable temples, shrines, to see, there are cultural, religious centres, massage, spa centres to relax in Sendai.

TRIP PACKAGES- There are weekend, short travel, one day trip available from all over Japan while there are toruist, holiday, family, summer, winter packages available.

April to October is the best time to visit Sendai. A beautiful, lovely place to visit in Japan.