My Namaskarams🙏🙋🏼‍♀️😁

I AM😀- Radhika narasimhan, born brought up in chennai-Tamilnadu-India. I did my BA corporate secretaryship, followed by Diploma in Travel and tourism, Export and import management and school administration. I have attended many writing,  creative writing workshops and started my passion towards travel writing and writing about Life.

ABOUT BACKPACK WITH RADHIKA💼- I started this blog in the year 2014 after my first international trip. This blog is full of travel information. It is to have a simple, easy and enjoyable travel, ultimately giving you peace. I am hopeful my writing and information in this blog, will be reaching many travellers hearts, and if they have had the best travel, I am happy(Believe me I am not joking).

ABOUT LIFE BLOG- I started writing about LIFE, which was first positively introduced to me by my family. Positivity made a great difference in my life, which slowly took me to spirituality. This blog was initially written by my father 2 years before, whereon later he gave me points on life, telling me to write and share.

ABOUT ME👩🏻‍💼 I am trained in classical singing and Bharatanatyam. I had an opportunity to sing at Thiruvaiyaru🙏.I also had an opportunity to write exams and get certificates in  Bharathanatyam🙏. I took a two day workshop at acrylic paints and till date I do paint. I attended a 15 day course regarding story telling run by Mr.Eric miller, and try writing stories. I have travelled, 16 states in India and to 7 countries around the world. I am an abhyasi following Sahaj Marg🙏. A seasonal traveller by nature, who does, at least two travels in a year without fail.

PROFESSION👩🏻‍💻- I am an approved blogger at Tripoto Travel itineries- Holding travel blog BACKPACK WITH RADHIKA in WordPress – a reviewer at Trip advisor.

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FAMILY-👨‍👩‍👧 wife of narasimhan, mother of vaishali, encouraging and supporting family, because of whom Backpack with Radhika and Life blog is possible.

FEW WORDS ABOUT TRAVEL-✈️Travel be internal or external, when it happens in a human life, the best we achieve out of travel is peace. So always consider travel as your best friend and feel the peace within.

HOW DO I HELP-😁Any queries regarding travel, travel planning, destinations, things to do around, I can provide information.


Thank you God🙏my Guru,🙏my family🙏 elders🙏 WordPress🙏in giving such a great platform for beginners like me, thank you viewers🙏readers🙏and followers. 🙏🙏With all your blessings my blog Conts…..