Euro trip7N/8D-11❤️


The making of the cuckoo clock is of complete wood. The entire mechanism was assembled and slowly how the clock was made was demonstrated with lot of humour and stories. Then we were allowed to roam all over the shop, see variety designer cuckoo clocks and if we are to purchase we were directed to the counter. Pandeyji has informed us earlier if we are purchasing the clock a tax form has to be signed. So that when we return to India, at the customs they won’t charge us. It was a big shop, with lot of souveniers,handicrafts, products, accessories, small bags, variety tshirts, purses and many more. There was another shop, that was filled with glass items. So after enough roaming, lunch time cameby.

We had a semi Indian lunch. Rice with dhal and boiled vegetables. At sharp 3pm there was a small dance show, whereby the boy and the girl from the cuckoo wooden house appeared and a melodious music with beautiful dance was performed. By then it started drizzling and when we returned back it was pouring. The bus heater was switched making us warm, we descended down the Black Forest and headed further to Rhine falls, another beautiful spot on the way to Switzerland.



Travelling to Maharashtra-9



INTRO- Previously called Bombay, lying on the konkan, west coast of India, 7 islands constitute Mumbai. The name Mumbai is derived from Goddess Mumba devi. It was also called Kakamuchee, Bombaim, mombaym, Boobbay and Bombeye. Mumbai lies at the mouth of Ulhal river and is surrounded by salsette island. Tropical wet and dry climate prevail all over the city, with high summer, heavy rains and moderate chillness prevailing all over.

HISTORY- It is an archipelago comprising of 7 islands. Koil fishing community are the first inhabitants of this city. It was ruled by Maurya empire, then by satavahanas, Konkans, chalukyas, shilaharas, rashtrakutas, then by Saurashtras, Delhi sultanates, Gujarat sultanates, Mughals and finally by Britishers.

REACHING- By air- Chhatrapati Shivaji Airport is world wide connected. By Train-Mumbai junction is well laid and easily accessible. By Bus/car-There are direct buses and highways are well laid.

CUISINE-Marathi culture prevail all through the city, Marathi, Hindi are widely spoken language. There is a blend of Konkani and Marathi culture seen all through the city. Ganesh Chathurthi, Diwali, Dussehra are grandly celebrated. Elephanta festival, Parsi new year, Dandra feast, Banganga are popularly Celebreted. Traditional Maharashtra music and dance form are seen all over the city. Dhangari Gaja, povadas dance, lavani dance while Koli songs are popular traditional music.

TO DO- Gateway of India, Haji Ali dargah, Kanheri Caves, siddhi vinayaka temple, Kamala Nehru Park, Phule Mandvi, Elephanta Caves, hanging gardens, girgaum chowpatty, Mumba devi temple, Mahalakshmi Mandir, Juhu beach, Marve beach, babulnath, Powai lake are some PLACES TO SEE in Mumbai.

-Marathi cuisine, Konkani cuisine,Goan cuisine, seafood prevail all through the city. Baida roti, butter chicken, varan bhaat, Bombli fry, Bheja fry, ragda patties, sabudana Vada, Puran Poli, fish curry, Nalli Nihari, kheema Pav, Kolhapuri mutton, kanda poha, modak, Vada Pav, misal Pav, Pav bhaji, vindaloo, are some POPULAR DISHES TO taste,

– Crawford market, fashion market, Zaveri bazaar, chor bazaar, are famous SHOPPING streets. Fashion brands,accessories, artefacts, handicrafts, clothings, Knick knack beach items are popularly sold.

-Nightlife in Mumbai is very attractive with lot of music and foot tapping dances, while watersports, extreme sports, adventure sports we popularly done. There are lot of spas to rejuvanate and resorts to relax.

-November -February is the best time to visit this city. There are lot fo travel packages organised from all over the world to Mumbai.

Popularly called the Alpha city fashion hub of India, Mumbai is a every growing city and all under one roof is available. A beautiful city filled with abundant nature, beaches, variety flora, which adds beauty to Maharashtra.

QUOTES- Once a year, go someplace you have never been before-The clearest way into the universe is through a forest wilderness-The traveller sees, what he sees, the tourist sees what he has come to see- Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.





Famous beaches to see in India-Part 1

My published Tripoto article-

Pebbly or sandy shore is defined as beach, ocean, large river, washed by waves. Beaches are creation of nature, a place to relax, and enjoy. Beaches in India also are popular for yummy food, a traveller should miss. Many beaches are famous honeymoon destinations, adventure and water sports, spots too. Here is a list of beaches, travellers should visit, 

KONARK BEACH- Situated in ODISHA 3km away from sun Konark temple this beach is famous for, walking lovers. The calmness of the beach combined with sea breeze, makes you walk longer. Puri lighthouse, Sudarshan craft museum, Jagannath  temple are popular point of interest. Fish fry in Bengali style, is the speciality of this beach. Dali, Dahibadi are some yummy dishes to taste. Seashells, chattries, traditional handlooms and handicrafts are popular sold. Konark is a blend of nature and architectural marvels, a traveller shouldn’t miss seeing. October to March is the best time to visit, jet skiing, speed boat and banana boat rides are the adventure sports of Konark beach.

ALIBAUG- Situated on the south of Mumbai city on the konkon region at Maharashtra, this beach is famous for calmness and most relaxing atmosphere. Kalaba fort, vridavan farm, kanakeshwar forest, undheri fort, brahmakund are some popular point of interest. Sea food with mild spices is popular and tasty in Alibaug. One can enjoy yummy Chinese food too. Artefacts, clocks are very famous in Alibaug, besides Kolhapur chappals and antiques. Alibaug is a coastal town of Maharashtra, and also it is the headquarters district of Raigad district. August to October is the best time to visit, parasailing, jet ski rides, kayaking are famous adventure sports at Alibaug beach.


Euro trip-7N/8D-10😍

After a heavy breakfast, we decided to have a small walk up and down the road, there I got a full view of the railway station, this road that joins another road and moves towards the main road. The air was chill and the day was sunny and bright. We loaded our things in the bus and off we were to see the cuckoo clock. During our course fo journey, 2 movies were telecasted- DIL DHADKANE DO and ZINDAGI NA MILE DO BARA. Many watched the movies on there tablets and phones. Many dozed, while many plugged ear phones and kept hearing to music. Slowly we entered The Black Forest, we stopped to use the restrooms, buy some snacks and off we entered the thick jungle. It was a bright sunny day, still the sun had to find a way to peek through this forest.

Dark green, trees, exsisted everywhere, one near the other covering the whole place. The drive Up the forest was short. From the parking space we waited down to the place, where cuckoo clock-world famous clock was made. There was a souvenir shop, glass shop and two restrooms. Rest all are hotels and restrunants. Amidst them stood the proud wooden big size cuckoo clock. A beautiful stream ran near the clock. We were first taken to see the making of the cuckoo clock.


Travelling to Maharashtra-8🙏😀


They are our stress busters. Many of us love to travel for a weekend and completely relax and rejuvanafe our own selves. Maharashtra is one such state that has many such spots, from where many of us love to getaway.

WEEKEND GETAWAY NEAR MUMBAI- From capital city, there are lot of weekend getaways.

IGATPURI- It is 120km away from Mumbai, which is popular for, bountiful nature, and trekking. Tringalwadi fort, camel valley, kalisubai peak, Hiking, trekking are popular.

MANDEWA- A popular beach village, famous for beach sports,seafood, as abundant nature.

BHANDARDARA- A 3 hour journey from Mumbai, popular for lush greenery and picturesque views.

SAPUTARA- Located at a distance of 251km away from Mumbai, it is popular for paragliding, rose gardens, Nageshwar Mahadev temple and waterfalls.

MALSHEJ GHAT- A weekend getaway for nature lovers, where it is surrounded by waterfalls, lush greenery, and colourful birds. It is located 126kms away from Mumbai.

NERAL- A weekend spot to rejunavanafe, explore the green valley and enjoy the trekking. It is 78km away from Mumbai.

ALIBAUG- A nature filled place, surrounded by beaches, paddy fields, and orchards. It is located 96kms away from Mumbai.

DAMAN- It is 170kms away from Mumbai, filled with casuarina groves, beaches, an idle place to spend a lovely weekend. Sao jeronime fort, Devka beach, governors palace, jetty gardens are places to see.

KASHID- A beautiful tourist spot, located 127kms away from Mumbai, is popular for silver sands, green mountains, camping and water sports.

DAJIPUR BIRD SANCTUARY- Located on the Sindhudurg District it is 456.7kms away from Mumbai, surrounded by mountains ranges, forest and variety flora and fauna.

PENCH NATIONAL PARK- Located 990kms away from Mumbai, a popular national park famous for rare species, of animals like Tiger, panther, lagoon, Wild boat, to see. A relaxing safari and camps are done here.

Besides the above Dahanu, revdhanela beach, Karjat, Matheran, Kolad are some spots to visit. 

QUOTES- I have found that there ain’t no surer, way to find out whether you like people or hate them that to travel with them- Take me somewhere and make me forget everything- we travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us- A wiseman travels to discover himself.


Euro trip 7N/8D-9

An hour of bus ride took us got he lake side. We were cruising on one side of the Rhine river. There were chairs to sit, for passengers waiting for the cruise ride. Our cruise as you see in the photos I have posted, was big enough to carry as many Persons. The cruise has two divisions one deck below and one deck on the top. There is a long deck in the front with a flag, we sat in the below deck, that has a snack and cafe bear, and a washroom too. There at one point, there are steps that take you to the top, deck. On both the decks, there are binoculars, which allow you to have a view of the river.

It was an hour ride, from one end to another end We travelled. We had French fries and cappuccinos. Cappuccinos one big cup, filled half of my stomach, and gave me enough energy to move here and there. French fries had different taste at different places, fries are tasty and very crunchy. As we got down after an hour of cruise ride, I realised the calmness a river gives. I saw lot of greenery, some hotels built amidst them, some rocks, plain mountains, still the ride had lot of smoothness and gave calmness.

We proceeded further to our rooms to have a good sleep as next day we were leaving for Switzerland via Black Forest to see the cuckoo clock making. By then we started making friends and many of us wished each other in the morning and smiled at each other too. Our trip had family honeymoon couples, small children, teen children, there were four solo travellers too. Hotel at Cologne was a heritage property. The rocks and the floor seeped chillness, though it was not that chill. A long room with another adjacent room with washroom was there. There were table fans on those sides. There was no lift so people were carrying our suitcases to our rooms. The hotel was near to the railway station which had 3 lines, and trains moved up and down. Our day dawned with German Alarm.


Travelling to Maharashtra 7b

SHANI SHINGANAPUR- Located 72km away from Shirdi, it is called Sonia, a village popular for temple Shani Mahadev. Lord shanidev, is a swayambu, in the form of black stone, visitors and deities flock this village and it is a famous pilgrimage spot to visit.

BHIMSHANKAR TEMPLE- It is 111km away from Pune, which is located near kargat that region. It is dedicated to Lord shiva, and is one of the 12jyotirlingams in India. A very popular pilgrimage spot, surrounded by jungle and wild sanctuary.

WAI- Located 13km away from Panchgani on the banks of River Krishna. Dhulya Ganapathi, mandhradevi kalubai, and Ganesh temple are popular pilgrimage spots. A beautiful temple surrounded by the ghat region.

SIDDHI VINAYAKA TEMPLE- A popular temple to visit in the city of Mumbai, which is dedicated to Lord Vinayaka Ganesha. This temple was built in early 19th century, and has many deities worshipping the temple.

MAHALAKSHMI- An ancient temple in the town of kolapur, which is devoted to Goddess Lakshmi, when the sunrises, the rays pierce the darkness and falls in her feet, then next day the rays fall on her hands and the third day they fall on her face. This occurs twice through the year. A beautiful temple flocked by visitors all through the year.

PANDHARPUR- Located in the town of solapur, it isn’t dedicated to Lord Vittal, who is a form of Lord Krishna. This temple exsist from 13th-17th century. He is also known as Panduranga and pandarinath. There are lot of devotees, who flock to this temple all through the year.

MUMBADEVI TEMPLE- A city named after Goddess mumbadevi. Situated in Bhuleshwar which is devoted to Goddess kali. A popular temple to see in Maharashtra.

Besides the above temples, Mukthi Dhanu, Kailash, Kapaleshwar, mahalsa, chakreshwar, Bhavani ambe temple are some popular temples to visit.

QUOTES- Life is a long pilgrimage from fear to love- pilgrimage to the place of the wise is to find, escape from the flame of separateness- Never give up when your heart becomes tired, just walk with your legs but move on- We have a tendency to see things that do, not exsist and to be blind, to the great lessons that are right there before our eyes-within my body are all the sacred places of the world and the most profound pilgrimage I can ever make is within my own body.


Temple towns to visit in Tamilnadu

Tamilnadu know as the Land of Tamils, is famous for World Heritage Sites, tamil architecture, multi religious pilgrimages sites and Hindu temples. A place dedicated for worship is defined as Temple town. Temples are places of worship and celebration which are filled with peace and bliss. Tamilnadu is very famous for temple towns and famous temples a traveller shouldn’t miss visiting.

Lets start with

KANCHIPURAM- Situated 70kms from chennai, it is a popular pilgrimage site of Tamilnadu. Kamakshi Amman temple, ekambareshwarar temple, ekambareshwarar temple, varadharaja Perumal temple, kailasanathar temple, are famous temple to see. HOW TO REACH- By air- chennai is the nearest airport 70km drive takes you to Kanchipuram. By Train- Kanchipuram junction is well connected. By Bus-There are direct buses to kanchipuram. Besides famous temples- kanchi kudos, Dutch fort, Jain Temple, vedanghangal bird sanctuary are some places to visit. September to March is the Best time to visit Kanchipuram.

RAMESHWARAM- Situated 562km away from chennai, this town is a popular temple town of Tamilnadu. Ramanathaswamy temple, Sugreevar temple, Gandamadana Parvathamma, Panchamuga Hanuman temple, jada theertham are some popular temples to see. HOW TO REACH- By air-Madurai is the nearest airport and from there 180kms drive takes you to Rameshwaram. By Train- Rameshwaram junction is well connected. By Road-There are direct buses to Rameshwaram. Besides famous temples-Adams bridge, water Bird sanctuary, ariyaman beah, Vivekananda memorial are some places to visit. October to April is the Best time to visit Rameshwaram.

KUMBHAKONAM- Situated 281kms away from chennai, it is a popular temple town of Tamilnadu. Kumbhakonam sarangapani temple, chakrapani temple, Nageswaran temple, Someshwar temple are some popular temples to see. HOW TO REACH- By air-Tiruchy is the nearest airport and 96km away is Kumbhakonam. By Train-Kumbakonam junction is well connected. By bus-There are direct buses fo Kumbakonam. Besides popular temples-Mahamaham tank, kanchi mutt are places to visit. November to February is the BEST TIME TO VISIT Kumbakonam.

CHIDAMBARAM- Situated 217km away from chennai, it is a very popular temple town of Tamilnadu. Thillai Natarajar temple, Thillai kali Amman temple are popular temples to visit. HOW TO REACH- By air- Pondicherry Airport is the nearest. By Train-Chidambaram junction is well connected. By Bus- There are direct buses to Chidambaram. Besides the popular temples- Pitchavaram backwaters, Pitchavaram Mangrove forest, tarangambadi are some place to see. January to March is the THE BEST TIME TO VISIT, Chidambaram.

THANJAVUR- Situated 326km away from chennai, on the banks of river Cauvery it is a famous temple town of Tamilnadu. Brihadeeshwarar temple, darasuram airavatheswar temple, Swamimalai, Thirubhuvanam are popular temples to visit. HOW TO REACH- By air- Tiruchy is the nearest airport and 55kms away is Thanjavur. By Train- Thanjavur junction is well connected. By Bus-There are direct buses to Thanjavur. Besides popular temples-Thanjavur palace, Thanjavur art gallery, royal museum are some place to see. October to March is the BEST TIME TO VISIT Thanjavur.

MADURAI- Situated 464kms away from chennai, on the banks of river vaigai, ruled by Pandian dynasty it is a popular temple town of Tamilnadu. Meenakshi Amman temple, Koodal alagar temple, vandiyur Mariamman temple and Pazhamudircholai are some popular temples to visit. HOW TO REACH- By air- Madurai Airport is well connected. By Train- Madurai junction is well connected. By Bus-there are direct buses to Madurai. Besides the above temples- Thirumalai Nayak mahal, gandhi museum,vaigai dam, kumbakkarai waterfalls are some place to see. December to February is the BEST TIME TO VISIT Madurai.

KANYAKUMARI- Situated 707kms away from chennai, Located on the southern tip of Indian peninsula, it is a popular temple town of Tamilnadu. Kumariamman temple, Thanumalayan temple, guganatha swamy femple, Nagaraja temple are some popular temples to visit. HOW TO REACH- By air- Trivandrum is the nearest airport and 85kms away is Kanyakumari. By Train-Kanyakumari junction is well connected. By Bus-There are direct buses to Kanyakumari. Besides popular temples- Vivekanand memorial rock, gandhi memorial,government museum, vattakottai, chothavilai beach are popular to visit. April to May is the BEST TIME TO VISIT Kanyakumari.

Temple towns will always be clos to my heart, for visiting them from childhood, gave me a great inclination towards spirituality. Travellers don’t miss seeing them.


Euro trip- 7N/8D-8


We proceeded towards Cologne. Our day moved from Belgium to Germany. On the way I found more and more of greenery grow. The air was so chill that many of us requested the switch off of air conditioner and rolled down the windows, to inhale the fresh air. We first reached Cologne cathedral the twin churches of Cologne. There was a railway station attached to this place followed by the beautiful Rhine river. Being a calm river there was a subtle atmosphere felt. With cruises standing here and there. We were given two hours, and strictly pandeyji said, “If you don’t come to the spot on time, I consider you will reach Rhine river ride on your own”. We entered the church where upto a point we were allowed. A calm, divine atmosphere I felt.

Coming our we proceeded to the Rhine river side. Pandeyji, had warned us, “Be careful with any stranger. When they approach you for anything kindly ignore and walk. Hold your handbags to your body. Enjoy”. Here also like Paris, I found locks, on the grill. There are small shops selling all Knick knack things.

We walked from one end to another end. As we got back, we stopped at a cafe shop and had cappuccino, coupled with French fries. We then decided to do some shopping at a shop that sold eau de Cologne. We bought cologne packets and some small things like Tea table cover, small dolls, small perfume sprays and pen stand. Pandeyji, warning came to our mind, and we assembled at the palace he asked us to come. Biting a vegetable burger, sipping, cappuccino we strolled to the point Pandeyji asked us to come.



Travelling to Maharashtra-7 part 1


Maharashtra is very popular for culture and rich traditions, that are followed fill dare. Being a state surrounded by Arabian Sea and Sahyadri mountains, there are some temple towns to visit.

SHIRDI- Located at a distance of 180km, away from Pune, it is a holy and a popular tourist pilgrimage place, visited by inneumerable people till date. It is called land of Sai, where the shifting of Shirdi Sai Baba is worshipped. In this town, Sai Baba, attained his samadhi. This temple has, Gurusthanu, samadhi Mandir, chavadi, devarkame to see. October-November is the peak time to visit this temple. Pune airport is the nearest, while Shirdi junction, is well connected and there are direct buses, to this place. Sai heritage village, Hanuman Mandi, Bhandardara are places to visit in this town. There are Trip and pilgrimage packages offered from all over Maharashtra and India to Shirdi.

-NASHIK- Loacwted 182km, away from Mumbai, called the wine capital of India, a town popular for Ramayana, where his brother Lakshmana, cut the nose of Ravanas sister is a very popular temple town, visited by million travellers till date. Trimbakeshwar, Ramkund, Muktidam temple are popular to visit. Kumbha mela a large religious gathering is celebrated once in 12 years here. Coin museum, kalavam mandir, pandavlen caves, Someshwar waterfalls, Suva vineyards, anjaneri hills, ramshej fort, Brahmagiri hills, are places to see in Nashik. October to March is the best time to visit this place. There are flights till Mumbai Airport, Nashik junction is well connected and there are direct buses to Nashik.

GANAPATHIPULE- 307km away from Pune, it is a popular beach, and a religious town, which is famous tourist spot too. There is a belief that, lord Ganapathi moved to Pule from his origin Gule. Ganapathi temple is very famous here. There is a belief that this town got its name from white sand which means Pule in Marathi. Ganapathipule beach, aareware beach, jaigad fort, vydeshwar temple, velneshwar temple, prachin konkan museum are places to see. September to February is the best time to visit. Mumbai Airport is the nearest. Ratnagiri railway station, is the nearest and there are direct buses to Ganapathipule.

QUOTES- There is no moment of delight in any pilgrimage like the beginning of it-May angels fly with you, wherever you roam and guide you back safely to family and home- Familiarify with the holy land, contributes to an understanding and thirst to know the scriptures- Faith is not the clinging to a shrine but the endless pilgrimage of hearts-Pilgriamge to the plceof the wise is to find escape from the flame of separateness.