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Today we will see about, DIARIES, carried in travel.  First definition, they are note books, which are used for many things. There are variety size diaries, right from the smallest to the biggest. Diaries have thick covers in the front, have calendars inside, and they are ruled, mostly. Diaries are heavy and light. Many diaries have quotes, at the end of each page. Each page in the diary, is labelled month wise, with numbers, months and days marked. There is a book marker, provided for each diary, where you can open the page you left last time.

Diaries, have great connection, with travel. Every traveler needs a dairy, to note down, what they see. Every traveller carries, diaries accordingly. Many carry small diaries in their backpacks, that has all travel details. There is a form in each diary, where you fill, your personal details. Carrying a diary, is advisable. Inspite of best memories, still jotting down, what you see, will always give you the confidence, that you have recorded and that whenever required, all you have to do is open, the diary look at it once, and there you have the details.

Now coming to writing, in a diary. Each one of us, have our own way of writing, in a diary. Many write, what they like. Suppose you are a foodie, you would note the food, origin, recipes, method of cooking and more. Being a nature lover, I always store about nature, in my travel dairy of late. I have learnt to note other things, about a place. Many of us write down, our entire trip, from start to end. Writing in hints or points, understandable to us, is a must. While Travelling we won’t find enough time, to elaborate on sentences. Infact as we see or as we get the details, we can note down else, recording the details in our brain, and later writhing it, could also be done.

Notepads are types of diaries. They are mostly spiral bound, with light font covers, and easily carried anywhere. They are handy books, easily used in travel. Carrying a notepad and diary is possible, provided you want to write immediately else, carrying a note pad is advisable. All through my Europe trip, I carried notepads, small and compact. They are sold in combos or packs at a nominal price. Be a diary or a notepad, always storing your personal details, travel details is a must. Placing them in the front of the backpack, with stationery won’t make you rummage the whole bag. Recording your expenses in a diary and making running notes in your notepad is advisable, through you might feel writing everything in one book is better.





A small Ancient Greek Hellenistic city, located on the western Anatolia, Turkey. Geyrs, Izmir and Aegean Sea are located near Aphrodisias, which is listed, in the UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE. This city was named after Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess. This city was also known as,City of Lelleges, great city and Ninoe. It was then renamed as, Stauroupolis, then after the, unique cult image Aphrodite of Aphrodisias, the city was called Aphrodisias.

Aprhrodisias, is the provinces capital, for the Roman province of Cavia. White and blue grey marbles, are popular here, during Hellenistic and Roman periods. There are lot of notable, school of sculptures. This place remained the centre of paganism, till end of 5th century. It was destroyed by an earthquake, but was built and regained in 1186, and then on it was under the Turkish control, till 13th century. The quality of fine marble, which was later used to build the late antique city walls. The stones, were called quarried stone. Most of the inscriptions, are from imperial period, which show periods of Hellenistic to Byzantine.


-TEMPLE OF APHRODITE-An ancient, focal point of the town where the sculptors has plenty supply of marbles. Full length statues were discovered, along with sarcophagi-A box like funerel, carried out of stone displayed above, but buried beneath.

-TETRAPYLON- A gateway built in 200AD. It is a pathway, that takes one to north south street.

-STADIUM-A stadium that was damangd in the 7th century, earthquake is now, renovated as an amphi open house theatre. A huge stadium, that has 30,000 seating capacity.

-APHRODITE OF APHRODISIAS-The cult image, is the Aphrodite of Aphrodisisas, who is house in the temple of Aphrodite. She is related to lady of Ephesus, where she is potrayed, wearing a disguising tunic, draped in a long veil that covers, from her face to the ground. She is a Greek Goddess, with cosmic powers with three graces-Uranos, earth and heaven, who was seen riding on a sea goat.

-BATH HOUSE-It was a building, was structured with lot of rooms for bathing, and changing. Now it is a place of civic centre, and place of leisure.

-BOULEUTERION-It is called the, council House of North Agora. An auditorium with fine marble seats, which has arched windows and 1750 seating capacity.

-SEBASTEION-It was called Augustewna and according to 1st century, the inscription showed “Aphrodite the Divine Augusti and the people”.


-Hitchhiking is popular, which starts, from Fethiyevia mogla and Tava. Camping, is another popular adventure done near the musuem.

-The village of Geyre, has lot of nature to explore, by foot.

-Turkish food is popular all over the town, with soft pizzas, while wine, besides fish items, kebabs and salads are popular.

-Denzil and Pamukkale, are nearby places to visit.

A beautiful town, popular for ancient history, which is an archeological site, that depicts the life, of Romans in Turkey. The inscriptions show, the Bronze Age. There are guideded tours, organised from Izmir, and Antalya. A place to visit, and feel the rich history, and see the fine marbles, on the fertile lands, of meander river valley.




“Face your problems, with smiles😁. Smiling gives a relief, within one self. It is very difficult to smile when you have a problem going on, but someday you would realise, smiling through a tough situation, always gives you the confidence, to go ahead, something I realised over years”, started MRS.SUBALAKSHMI RADHAKRISHNAN, (called subha, by many of us), born in Cuddalore, brought up in vadalur, a MPHIL in mathematics, who worked for 8years, as a college professor, whose passion is to learn more and more in life, a mother of 2 children, who balances both home and work life, at present residing in Mumbai.

“Hill station”, she answered promptly to my question-which place would first come to your mind, when you plan for a vacation- “They are usually peaceful, pollution free, have the best climate, and the best part of a hill station travel is, non usage of phone, as there is not much of signal available. Munnar is a popular and a beautiful hill station, to visit. Another destination, I enjoyed the most-Pappikondalu island near Vijayawada, that has no current, no signal, no mosquitoes, fresh air, cloth tent base rooms, with Gurkhas who safeguard us all through the night, is surrounded by waterfalls. A very beautiful, lovely place, I visited which will always be memorable”. I know subha, for the past 11 years. She was my neighbour. Right from day one, she and her family, have helped me a lot.

She defined travel as, “A very essential break from our routine life. Only time, to spend, solid quality time, with family. Travel is also, the only best sleeping, relaxing time for me. My husband is an avid traveller, any long weekend he would plan, we would pack, take our car and visit the place. He was the one who introduced, happy travelling in us”. She prefers car-mode of Travelling, “Our own vehicle, I would call it. We would always have a relaxed feeling, when we travel in our own vehicle. The plus is, if we want to stop, we could at any time, we would know right luggage to pack, and carry, lot of adjustments can be made, when we travel by, our own vehicle” she said with a smile. Initially it was hi and bye between us, slowly we started interacting, and that’s when I saw lot of positiveness, which she would put across, with a lovely smile.

Her honeymoon was to Kodaikanal, whereby she suggested, Munnar, vishakapatnam, as best honeymoon destinations. Here I gave her two cities, to speak about, a)CHENNAI- Besides heat and sweat, a wonderful city to stay. It is filled with lot of culture, traditions, and fun filled places like malls, beaches, theme parks and more. Thalapakatti biryani, Idly, sambhar are popular to eat in Chennai. A very safe city, with lot of helpful natured people. B)VIJAYWADA- I resided for 3 years, in Vijaywada. There are many places around Vijaywada, to visit- Kanakadurga temple, is one such popular place. There are many places around Vijaywada, where I have been to-Hyderabad, rajamundary, Krishna river bridge where you can boat too, machilipatnam, Amaravati river, annavaram temple, Araku valley, Kondapalli Caves and Sriharikota where we saw the launch and work of the satellites, are some popular destinations. Biryani is very yummy and tasty to eat in Vijaywada. The varieties are- dum,mint, coriander,red chilli, green chilli tomatoe, vegetables and gongura. Speciality is one pot biryani. Besides thokkus, and pickles are popular”. Subha is a person filled with confidence. Be any situation, she would handle with lot of positivity, blended with boldness, something I learnt from her.

We then shifted to Life and women responsibility question- “Life should be lived without tension. A very healthy life always leads to peace. Regarding women’s role in responsibility-Behind every man, there is always a women, pushing success. So women shoulder, more of responsibility always. In life they have to plan, very carefully, while in travel right from start, till return women play a major role. Safety in both life and travel is a must. Emotions are very much a part of women. When I am really happy, I become so emotional, that lot of positiveness flows in me. When I am sad, I always avoid my emotions”. Here I posed- tips for young travellers- “Avoiding fun, that always, leads to disaster is a must. Tolerance, patience and respect, I would call 3 in 1, something that every human soul, should have. Respect, always leads to tolerance, inturn giving patience. I very firmly everything begins at home, and is nourished, by school and college. Taking life more, as it comes, gives a steady, peaceful life”.

Her travel destination in 2017, was to Hyderabad, vishakapatnam, Tirupathi and Araku valley. Her recent visit was to, Kashid beach -Mumbai. Here I posed- How do you define your HUSBAND, as your best friend- I see him as a person, to my dad, whom I respect and care a lot, who is a travel lover and a very responsible person too.  SON- He will always be my best friend, with whom lot of sharing is done. DAUGHTER- She is a small girl, so caring from my side, is more at present. Many a times I see and learn, the new world from her.

Coming to our last part of travel interaction, I asked as to how she handles best and worst time in her life, “When best comes,I  always enjoy life, when worst comes, just come out of it. Hurt is something, many of us find it difficult to face, if we keenly observe, few minutes we can be out of pain. Be always easy going, within yourself. Health is wealth take good care of yourselves, pray as much as you can, and never forget that there is a higher force that offers help” she completed with lot of firmness and smile.

I thank🙏🙏subha and her family🙏🙏in giving me an opportunity to learn about travel and life.


US- Part 1


A small Hello to all of you- I am Vaishali Narasimhan, daughter of Narasimhan and Radhika, studying in class 11, will be writing a travellogue on US. A dream place, where I am hoping to visit, someday in near future. I have gathered, lot of information, in books, online, websites, pamphlets, etc etc, about US. Though I collected, for my own future interest, slowly the idea of writing about US, came to my mind. I thank all my readers, viewers, WordPress and followers, much in advance, and I pray, my writing is readable. 🙏🙏

The United States of America, is a large country, in North America, often referred to as USA or US. It is one of the mass, immigrating country, from 17th century, known as the “Melting pot”. It is a home, to a wide array of popular, tourist destinations. It is also the demanding country, for leisure travel. They have the popular, skyscrapers of Manhattan, Chicago to the natural wonders of Yellowstone,  Alaska, to the warm sunny beaches, of Hawaii and Florida. The best mode of transpotation, is through flights, like the United Airlines, American Airlines, Alaska Airlines and Hawaii Airlines.

What else is about US? Movies, actors, places,songs, singers, news, journalists? There are lots more! It is worth all your travel time. We will start with the capital WASHINGTON DC. We could also discuss some interesting facts about US. The flag was designed by a High school student, and the most interesting fact is, that there is no official language. The most populated cities are, The New York City, Los Angeles and Chicago. The 2nd dominant language is Spanish. We could go on and on, when we enter these cities with words….

PS-The above information, i have written, is what I have collected and have known, kindly guide me, if I am wrong.




An Intro

Hello everybody,

From tomorrow, “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA-US “, a travellogue by VAISHALI NARASIMHAN. Also “TEMPLES”- By NARASIMHAN KRISHNAMOORTHY, will be posted, besides my travellogues. Thank you readers, followers, viewers, visitors and wordpress. 🙏🙏