Beautiful India- part 1

Hill stations have always been attractive-cool breeze, dense forest, clouds touching the mountains peaks, freshness and above all chillness creeping on our skin. Every hill station is a beauty on its own. I have travelled to 20 hill stations so far. Each hill station varies from the other. India has many popular hill stations that are not only beautiful, but different from one another that people visit all around the year. Let me begin with-

– MUSSORIE- Situated at an altitude of 1,880m Hill station is at uttarkhand Dehradun district. It is one of the Great survey of India. Mussorie name was derived from the herbal shrub Mansoor. From Dehradun it is easy drive up the hill to Mussorie. The best time to visit this place is from Mid March to Mid November. PLACES TO VISIT- Camels back road, Gun hills, Happy valley, Cloud end, Bhatta falls. What to buy in Mussorie Katuri Bazaar, Tibetan market and Mall roads are famous shopping places. Antique jewellery, sleeping bags, sweaters, shawls are famous at reasonable prices. FOOD DELICACIES- Uttaranchal cuisine is very famous here. They are cooked on wood and charcoal. Signal, aloo me ghutki, arsa, Bhalt, Kesar Halwa are famous veg dishes. Chicken korma is a popular non veg dish.

-OOTY- It is called udhagamandalam, Situated at an altitude of 2,240m and 80km north of coimbatore. It is called the Blue mountains. Kurinji flower blooms once in 12 years. Todas tribes are inhabitants of Ooty. Sub tropical climate sustains all over r. From coimbatore it is easy drive up the hill. Best time to visit Ooty is between April-June. PLACES TO VISIT- Botanical gardens, Ooty lake, wax world, deer park. What to buy in Ooty-Besides Mall Road, commercial road, Tibetan market road are famous. Acres wild-a family farm that makes cottage cheese. Spices and cloves, handmade chocolates, Ooty famous tea, and aromatic oils are famous. FOOD DELICACIES- Bread, cookies, cakes, pies are baked in Ooty. All famous South Indian food are served with chutney and sambhar. Muttton, chicken and fish are spicely served.

-NAINITAL- It is Situated at an altitude of 2084m in the state of Uttarkhand in Kumaon hills. It is a pear shaped lake surrounded by mountains. Nainital is chill all through the year. Out of 64 shanthi peethams, Goddess Parvathi eyes fell in this lake which became Nainital. From Delhi, it is easy travel up the hills. Best time to visit is between April-June. It is cold and chill all through the year. PLACES TO VISIT- Nainital lake, Naini Mandir, gurney house, snow view, Kilbury bird sanctuary. What to buy in Nainital besides Mall Road, lake road is famous for shopping. Sweaters, shawls, mufflers, socks small items are famous. FOOD DELICACIES- Roti being an intergal part of Nainital cuisine is had with the following. Bas, Bandi, arsa, are popular to eat.



With my friend travel-16



Festivals of west India portray, heritage, customs, traditions, with colourfulness. They are filled with songs and dances, that are very vibrantly celebrated. Food prepared during a festival, is filled with good taste, and they are freshly prepared at home and offered to God, which is shared among many.

West india is filled with lovely nature, lush greenery western ghats, variety flora, fauna and many picturesque views to see. Travelling to west India, during festivals, whereby, a traveller gets to see the full culture, depth of India, which is filled with lot of happiness, sanctity, that offers a great memory to many travellers.

-GANESH CHATHURTHI- It is celebrated in honour of lord Ganesh, which is a 10 day celebration, that falls in the month of August-September. It was grandly celebrated in Pune during Shivaji era. Mandaps are made, whereby after Padya Pooja, Lord Ganesh made out of clay, is decoratedand worshipped. Then on chathurthi thithi, Pooja, chanting of mantras are done and after two days, it is offered in the sea, where the clay dissolves. Modak, laddu, neuri, panakam, sanna are made at home, offered to God and distributed to everybody.

-ELEPHANTA FESTIVAL- A popular festival, celebrated in mumbai, in the month of February, which is a two day function, that is filled with music, dance that also promotes, the heritage of Mumbai. It is celebrated in Elephanta island, whereby the festival is honoured to lord shiva variety cuisines of Maharashtra are displayed for a traveller to taste.

-GOA CARNIVAL- A very grand, colourful, vibrant, carnival celebrated in the month of February. There are music, traditional Goa dance and parades all over the carnival. It is a 3 day celebration, with yummy Goan cuisine all over to taste.

-NAVARATHRI- A popular 9 days festival, celebrated, dedicated to Goddess Durga, where all these 9 days are filled with pujas, music and dance. The first three days are dedicated to Goddess Durga, while the next three days are dedicated to Goddess Lakshmi and the last three days are dedicated to Goddess Saraswathi. It is also a festival for soil fertility and monsoon harvest. Sabudana kichdi, Rajgire Ki Kashi, rajgire ka thepla, soma rice, alu sukha bhaji are prepared at home and offered to God.

-FOLK DANCE FESTIVAL- Popularly celebrated in Daman and Diu, it shows the famous folk dnace-Mando dance, Vira dance, western and eastern amalgamation dances, Garbha dances, they depict the culture of Daman and Diu. Podaya, puri, fish stew, shrimp soup, Butter chicken, lassi, Laddus, jalebis are repaired and served.

-SAO JOAO FESTIVAL- celebrated in Goa, which is dedicated to st.John, in the month of June. Different types of folk dances are seen with traditional Goa music. Seafood and fruits are prepared and served for many who come to attend this festival.

-INTERNATIONAL KITE FESTIVAL- It is held in the month of January, in Gujarath, where different types of kites are prepared and flown all over the state. It is also called Makara Sankranti day in Gujarath, which shows the completion of harvesting season. Til chikkis, Chund curd, Puran poli, undhiyu are prepared.

-KUTCH MAHOTSAV- It is also called Rann utsav, which is a 4 day carnival celebrated in the month of December in Gujarath. It is a very colourful fair, that shows the entire tradition, and culture of Gujarath as it is accompanied by music, dance and art & crafts of Gujarath. Dabeli, mini pakoras, Kadak, fry yum pipes, lassaniga Bataka and Bhungra are prepared and sold.

Festivals always depict the rich culture and traditions of a country. Festivals in India are grand, colourful, which show the heritage of India. West India famous for tourism that have millions travellers, flocking a year, a region covered by wonderful nature, festivals celebrated in west india spread a lot of brotherhood and harmony.

NEXT BLOG- Festivals celebrated in south India.


Switzerland Part 11- 4

GENEVA- INFO- A popular city of Romandy, where French speaking, people are a part of Switzerland. It is a global city, fifth biggest city, in Europe and popularly called peace city. Lake Geneva flow all through the city, while Jura mountains, cover this whole town. Oceanic climate prevail all through the town, where winters are cold and summersare warm.

HISTORY- Of Geneva starts with, Helvetti tribe, where Romans are the first inhabitants of the city. It was later ruled by Holy roman empires, and then by House of savoy, then by Swiss confederacy and finally by Swiss confederation till date.

Swiss and French CULTURE are seen all over the city. Grand theatre de Geneva, Victoria hall classical music concerts, Geneva festival, new year, Easter, Christmas are grandly celebrated. Traditional music, and dance forms are seen all over. A blend of traditionality with modernity is seen all over the city.

-Geneva airport, is well connected, while by train-Geneva Train station, is well linked, but By Bus and By Road REACHING and driving all through the picturesque towns, is easy and well laid.


-St.pierre cathedral, natural history museum, house of Russean, Musee de Geneva, jarden Anglais, Brunswick monument, pare de la grange, Batie woods, Palais Wilson are some places to SEE.

-Swiss CUISINE, French cuisine, are seen popular all over the city. Chicken fry, Lebanese food, hummus, falafel, wine, chocolate are popular to eat in Geneva.

-Swiss chocolates, Swiss knifes, Swiss watches, Souveniers, jewellery, handicrafts are popularly shopped. City Center, Geneva city website, Les Halles de rives, French voltaire, Thoiry are famous shopping markets.

-Nightlife is very popular all over Geneva with exotic pubs, bars that are filled with music and dance. For adventure travellers, hiking, skiing, windsurfing, paragliding, snow boarding, are popularly done. There are spas and resorts to relax and rejuvanate.

-June-August is the best time to visit Geneva. There are Sumer, winter, picnic, holiday, packages offered from all over the world to Geneva.

A very beautiful city, surrounded by lovely nature, located on the foothills of Alps, being the cultural capital of Switzerland, it is a place to visit without fail.

QUOTES- Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire-Adventure may hurt you but monogony will kill you-To travel is to live-Travel and change of place impart new vigour to the mind.



Beautiful travellers share beautiful experiences- 8


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“Dream big and do big in life, have confidence in yourself, which entails, motivation, and naturally makes you explore yourself and keeps you going in life, is the motto of my life” started MRS.KAVITHA NARASIMHAN, a graduate from SIET college, who began her career with an IT company, and later took up an online job. After many years, openend up a restaurant at Yercaud, whereby her restaurant- THE PEAR TREE CAFE, was rated as top restaurant, by Trip advisor, for 3 consecutive years. She then moved and settled in chennai, where she joined Vidya Sagar(Formerly The Spastic Society of India), and after a few years, she joined Lebara foundation. Her passion for rural and women development, led her to start Madras4Enterprises, a social enterprise. She also works as an on-call consultant for Madras4 consulting services. She has adopted Thottiyam Taluk, to focus on rural development- a place 70kms away from Thiruchirapalli and her Facebook page THOTTIYAM THALUKA ( is popular.

She defined Travel as, “Travel is self learning, travel gives maturity, and at the same time Travel is fun. Life lessons, and skills are better learnt through travel”. “Pechiparai, near Kanyakumari, is a place I would love to visit and re-visit. The tribal hamlet, the unpolluted uphill journey, makes this place, a must visit”. This destination is an hour drive from Nagercoil. Kavitha is my childhood mate, flatemate, and my classmate too. In the evenings, I would go to her place or she would come to my place, and we would play a lot together.

She has visited 3 countries, and 8 states within India totally. Our interaction, moved towards solo Travelling whereby, I asked her benefits about solo travelling, she laughed and said, “solo Travelling is complete independence, you can plan on the go, as you travel. The best part of solo Travelling is, you don’t have to adjust to anyone, all you have to do is, adjust to your ownselves”. Travel bug bit her in 2016. She loves Travelling by Road and by train. She wants to see more of nature, and being eco-friendly, she prefers public transport, and getting train tickets, are much easier off late-“I want to know people. Travel gives lot of open-mindedness, at least yearly twice, seeing a new destination, being away from gadgets, travel is much needed. Travel gives a lot of acceptance. Changing, changes and Change, are the three difficult things in life, but travel makes it so easy, that I would say travel, a lot, see a lot and know more”.

Here I posted a question, –can you explain in detail about the destination you have visited recently?- “Can I say about Thottiyam?” she asked. I nodded. Very passionately she started, “It is 70kms away from Tiruchirapalli, By Road if you take the Salem-Namakkal highway, By Train- From Karur there is a local passenger, and by Bus-From Tiruchirapalli there are local buses, you could reach Thottiyam. Thottiyam is the Banana business hub of Tamilnadu. Paddy cultivation and variety of bananas you would see. It is also a popular pilgrimage spot starting from Vedanarayana temple, Mahendran Periyavar temple, Madura Kali Amman temple, valeeshwarar temple in sriramasaudram, and there are lots more temple to see. Food is prepared freshly, and served traditionally. Tamilnadu cuisine, is very popular here. To shop, you could buy, varieties of bananas and taste them” she said and welcomed me to Thottiyam.

I still remember our childhood days, birthday parties, we attended together, and literally after many years, we met at a restrunant. She has very pretty light coloured eyes, round face, with a pure smile. I should say that I am proud of her achievements, and today she is pursuing her passion with full vigour. When I asked her for a travel interaction, she came forward and at the end of the interaction, I realised it was great talking to an achiever, a goal pursuer and a childhood friend after a long time.

I thank🙏Kavitha and her family🙏🙏in giving me a great opportunity to learn a lot about travel.

Tasting 8 delicacies in Kerala-2

-AVIAL- It is a dish where lot of vegetables are boiled and mixed with grated coconut, jeera and green chillies. They are cooked on coconut oil and garnished with curry leaves.

-PUTTU AND KADALA- The chickpeas(Kadala/ Chenna), are soaked overnight, pressure cooked and made as a gravy with masala. Pounded rice, layered with coconut are steamed in a cylindrical contraption. The most popular, famous and filling dish.

-APPAM WITH STEW- With rice and urad dhal, appam batter is prepared. Stew is made out of vegetables or chicken. The most famous and mouth watering dish of Kerala.

-MALABAR BIRYANI- It is very tasty and gives an authentic aroma which makes our mouth very watering. They are prepared with vegetables or meat, spices and masala are added and finally they are garnished with mustard seeds, curry leaves, cashew nuts and raisins.

-THALASSERY BIRYANI- It has a unique fragrance as it is made out of rice, variety called kaima. The masala is prepaed and layered with rice.

I have tasted the above dishes, which not only filled my stomach, but made it grumbling many a times and gave my soul lot of peace.