SENDAI- INTRO- It is a capital city of Miyaji prefecture. This city was found in 1600AD. It is also called city of Trees. Matsushima city is near to sendai. This town is also called Forest city. This city is filled with lush green.

HISTORY/CULTURE- This town first inhabitants are samurais which was ruled by Edo clans. Japanese culture prevail all through the town. People of Sendai, are warm hearted and very friendly. Tanbelta festivals are popularly celebrated. Akita Kanto makuri, nebuta matsuri are grandly celebrated. Japanese traditional dance and music are popular all through the city.

REACHING- By air-Sendai airport is well connected. By Train- There are fast trains from all over Japan to Sendai. By Bus/Road- There are direct buses and highways are well connected.

TO SEE- Aoba castle, Sendai city, museum ichitaro hot spring, dainohara forest park, sakunami onsen, akiu onsen, taya castle are places to see.

TEMPLES/SHRINES- Osaka hacimangu, zuihoden,joginyurai, saiho temple, rinnoji temple are places to see worship.

TO EAT- Japanese cuisine, seafood are popular. Gyutan, set meal, fish, Sendai beef steak, sushi, sendai miso, sasa Kamboho are popular food to eat.

TO SHOP- Japanese artefacts, handicrafts, souveniers, electronic items are popularly shopped. There are night markets and flea markets all over Japan beisdes, malls, supermarkets.

ADVENTURE- Extreme, adventure, water sports, are popular all over Sendai.

NIGHTLIFE- A chilling, partying, nightlife, is seen all over Sendai. There are exotic pubs, clubs, bars to enjoy and also do night shopping.

Besides the above there are inneumerable temples, shrines, to see, there are cultural, religious centres, massage, spa centres to relax in Sendai.

TRIP PACKAGES- There are weekend, short travel, one day trip available from all over Japan while there are toruist, holiday, family, summer, winter packages available.

April to October is the best time to visit Sendai. A beautiful, lovely place to visit in Japan.



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