Europe 14

The second level ride up the left takes about 5 minutes(waiting and riding up). There are steps that take you to just one step higher and gives you better view of Eiffel Tower. Night time is the best time to travel inside the Eiffel Tower. There are shops, restrunants and cafes on 2nd level in the Eiffel Tower. Boutiques, souveniers, are popular shopping places, while there are yummy cafes, cake shops, restrunants, snack bars to taste and drink. We spent another half an hour rounding the Eiffel Tower. Here wash rooms are free and que system is followed. After some selfies and pics we got down the Eiffel Tower. Though the lift gets down straight, while you ride on it, it would look like diagonal descending we decided to have some snack bites, while I had tea. Giving our names to pandeygi, we proceeded further to our coach.

From here our next visit was to DISNEY LAND-Paris. As other passengers got int th coach, we proceeded for the Disneyland, which is 1 hour ride from the Eiffel Tower. Disney land is of 2 types, a) Disney park b) Disney studios. Many of us dozed for the heat was picking up. Summer started from the day we arrived in Paris, compared to the previous day, it was hot. “Hello everybody, we are arriving at Disney land, you will be given 3 hours times, packed lunch, and a ticket. There is a parade after that please assemble near the coach”.



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