ISE- INTRO- Located on Shima peninsula in Mie prefecture it is on island Honshu, and it is called capital of Kami. The holy city of Japan. This town is the home of Ise Grand shrine, which has travellers all through the year.

LITTLE HISTORY/CULTURE- It was ruled by Meiji clan, then by Edo clan, then by Yamato Takeru. Ise grand shrine plays a major part of history in Ise town. This shrine is dedicated to sun goddess. Japanese culture prevail all around the town. Ise jingu festival kagura festival is celebrated popularly. Rich traditions, customs are followed with colourful atmosphere all over. Kagura is the popular dance forms, while Japanese music prevail all over Torii, art form is famous here.

REACHING- By air- Chubu ise airport is the nearest. By Train- Kintetsu railway station is the nearest. By Bus/Road-There are direct buses and highways are well connected. Local commutation- There are local trains, buses, cabs to commute within.

TO SEE- Ise grand shrine, otonashyana park, oisemairi museum, miya rivef watarai park, meijigawa river park, are to see. TEMPLES/SHRINES- Ise haiku sumeragi, daijingu, sarutahiko shrine, Tsukiuominomiyo, kongoshoji, mused sengukan, koyasu shrine are popular.

TO EAT-Japanese cuisine prevail all over Ise, besides seafood, sashimi, awabi , oyseters, fugu, madai, tekonezushi are popular to eat.

TO SHOP- Japanese art and craft, artefacts, handicrafts, traditional goods, beach items, knick knack items, are shopped. Oharai machi, okage yokocho, are popular shopping areas.

ADVENTURE SPORTS- There are water sports, extreme, adventure sports are popularly done. Nightlife are very colourful, with foot tapping music and dance. There are night shopping markets too. There are exotic pubs, bars, and clubs to enjoy.

TO DO- There are many shrines to see and pray, there are relaxing massage centres, spas, and there are historical, cultural, and religions centres to visit.

TRIP PACKAGES- There are weekend, holiday, tourist, summer, winter, family, one day, short trip, packages offered from all over Japan and world too.

April-July is the best time to visit. A beautiful temple town, filled with culture and must to see place in Japan.



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