A huge massive structure, standing straight and beautiful the way they have constructed is unique and overall I would call EIFFEL TOWER-Beautiful. “Hello” called our guide, “Kindly listen to my instructions. I will give you 3 hours to spend your time here. I will drop you at the entrance of Eiffel Tower ride. You will ride to the first level, look around, then ride to the second level. There are coffee shops, shopping and free washrooms. Kindly hold your bags to yourself enjoy” saying he dropped us with tickets at the entrance. Washrooms are mostly paid and used-50cents. But in many places they are free. It is very important to check and use. They are neat and well maintained and very strict que system is followed. Our guide, throughout the trip, after giving instructions, would show us the washrooms and leave us the choice.

We travelled to first level by lift. A huge lift that has 50 persons capacity. Before getting into the floor, a thorough check of our bags, pockets and running the scanner was done. First level or floor is called transparent floor. It is covered with glass on which you walk. This glass is non- slippery. It gives you breath taking view of the city. WHAT TO DO-In the first level you have a) An immersion show of Eiffel Tower.b) Cineeiffel room-Showing images of Eiffel Tower, tower history, cine auditorium c) Restrunants, cafe shops, d) souvenier shops e) rooms for professions, corporate meetings.



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