MATSUYAMA- INTRO- It is the Captial of Elime prefectureand it is the largest city in Shikoku. It means pine mountain. River ishile and shiginobu river flow all through the town. Ishizuchi mountain and Takanawa mountain prevail.

LITTLE HISTORY/CULTURE- This town was recognised from 19th century. This town was called Doguonsen. It was ruled by Meiji dynasty. Japanese culture prevail all through the city. Spring festival, nakajima festival, summer and autumn festival are grandly celebrated. Jindoori and Shikumi dori are dance forms and Bon dance is the biggest dance that happens for continuous 3 days. Japanese music is popular are through the city.

REACHING- By air- Matsuyama airport is well connected. By Train-There are direct trains to Matsuyama junction. By Bus/Road- There are direct buses and highways are well laid. By sea-There we ferry services from matsuyama kankodo. Local commutation- local buses, trains, trams, cabs are available.

TO SEE- Dogoonsen, marauyama castle, shiki memorial museum, dogo park, yuzuki castle, are to see. TEMPLES/SHRINES- Ishileji, kanwe shrine, yu shrine, dainoji, jodoji, enmyoji and temple are popular to see. PLACES AROUND- Shikido hojoen, kashima, Enmanji, saragamin, Hondan are around.

TO EAT- Japanese cuisine is very popular all over the town, besides seafood. Seabream rice, tendor fish flakes, fish stock, cabbage sandwich, matcha, adzuki beans, taruto, mandarin oranges are popular to taste.

TO SHOP- Japanese art and craft, souvenir, artefacts, handicrafts are popularly shopped. Dongoonsen, rejokan, yukata are some famous shopping markets.

NIGHTLIFE- Nightlife is very exciting, enjoyable in matsuyama with exotic pubs, bars and clubs.

ADVENTURE- cycling, is very popular here, extreme and adventure sports are also done.

July-september is the best time to visit Matsuyama. There are trip packages like family, weened, one day, tourist, holiday and honeymoon packages are offered from all over Japan and world to Matsuyama. A place to visit without fail.




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