It is a wo classical fountain which symbolises fountains in Paris. After clicking lot of selfies and pictures, we got back to the Bus. From place de la Concorde-Eiffel tower was visible. Then on it was an orientation tour sitting in the bus, we had glimpses of other places, les invalides, Opera House, palais garnier, Champs elysees, sainte cheapelle, Norte dame de Paris and louvre. By 12 noon we reached Eiffel Tower. Nearing Eiffel Tower, open could see the tower, from distance as we go round and round the road, to reach.a big lane, road is attached to the Eiffel Tower. This road is where vehicles are parked. There is a beatuifl garden opposite to the Tower where many sit to eat, play and relax.

As we came via Thomas cook tickets were reserved and Mr.pandeji said, “Follow my flag”. Thomas cook name was written on a white background. In about 20mts time, my bag was scanned. My jacket packet was checked. We came out, got tickets from Mr.pandeyji, and waited for the others to join us. As a child, I have had a small idol of Eiffel Tower and today standing right under the tower a wonder of the world is a different experience. This tower was constructed in 1887-89 which became the cultural icon of France. It is the tallest structure in Paris.



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