Champs Élysées is a popular shopping area which is divided into four sides views. This shopping area is great to watch. It has buildings and small green trees, bushes all over, whereby the vehicles move on the road. Souvenirs, designer wears, boutiques, jewellery, lot of places to eat, drink cappuccino and eat snacks are seen. The main road hasn’t many shops and traffic is fast moving. For about half an hour we strolls and decided to end our day 2 in Paris by returning back to the hotel. After packing, noting events, places in my diary, bidding a goodbye to Paris, our day 3 openend with a French wake up call. 7.30am was our breakfast time and by 8.30am our luggages were loaded and there we moved to Brussels. Not like 1st day, I was much prepared for my breakfast, had my stomach full, our GTLM coach moved.

It was a 3 hour drive journey to Brussels. When we hit the highway, lot of picturesque views started. Beautiful views, fresh greenery, green fields, canals, bridges, small farm houses, passed by. Our guide Mr.pandeyji, was briefing about Brussels, out of what he said there were 2 things, that cuaght my attention-chocolates and Belgium diamond. This time a movie was played on the coach. “DIL DHADKA NE DO” A popular Hindi move, which has all blended, but ends with a note, “Family is an important part in our life. Unless we are there are for our faith and they are there for us, we can’t survive”. Many of us dozed, many watched the movie, many read books, many were hearing to music. There we arrived into Brussels. Before I go further, intro on Brussels Weill be posted in my next blog.




Kobe Japan Port Tower


INTRO- It is the capital city in Hyogo prefecture, located on the southern side of Honshu, of Osaka bay. It is wedged between the mountains, ashiya and akashi muko river, Ibi river flow all through the town.

LITTLE HISTORY/CULTURE- It was ruled by ikuto shrine, Tokugawa period, nara period, heian period, edo period and finally by Kamakura period. Japanese culture, prevail all through the town. People of Kobe are friendly and warm hearted. Arima hot spring festival, Kobe jazz festival and Kobe festival are grandly celebrated. Traditional Japanese music and dance prevail all through the town.

REACHING- By air- Kobe airport is well connected. By Train- shinkobe station is nearest and well connected. By Bus/Road- There are direct buses and highways are well laid.

LOCAL COMMUTATION- There are local buses, trains, cabs, ferries to commute.

TO DO- SIGHTSEEING- Mount Rokko, Kobe protect tower, Meriken park, nunobiki falls, Kobe maritime museum, Kobe oji zoo, onsenji temple, sorakuen akashi castle, Kobe luminorie are places to see.

EATING- Japanese cuisine, is popular all over the town. Gyoza, okonomiyabi, baked goodies, kobe beef, green salad, bamboo sprouts, tea, coffee are popular to taste.

SHOPPING- Handicrates, artefacts, Japanese silk, electronic goods are popularly shopped. Sannomya, Tor Road, Kobe harbourlnas, are popularly shopped.

OTHER THINGS TO DO- Nightlife is popular all over the town, which are chilling and electrifying. There are adventure, extreme and water sports for sports lovers. There are exotic bars, clubs, and pubs to enjoys while there are historical, religious, cultural spots to see and enjoy.

TRIP PACKAGES- There are weekend, one day, short trip, family, tourist, packages offered from all over Japan and world to Kobe. September-October are the best months to visit Kobe Japan.

A beautiful, colourful city, to enjoy to its best and a place to visit too.




Our guide suggested, we took a rickshaw go around the tower, do shopping and reach the tower for the glittering show. From 10pm onwards, 10-10.5pm there is one show, then the second she is from 11-11.05pm, and last show is from 12-12.05pm. We did the opposite suggestion. Booking a uber from our hotel we travelled to Eiffel Tower. We were dropped near the Eiffel Tower entrance and from there we went straight to the lawn and sat right in front of the tower. A big lawn with cool grass was sprawled in front of us. These grass have light dewdrops, they are so cold when you touch them, I was grazing them as I wanted to feel the chillness. In chennai we hardly have a month of winter that many a times we only feel the heat, this chill grass was “cool feeling I wanted to carry within me for a long time”. There are many around us, relaxing, stretching my lying down some holding hands, an hour clicking selfies. The air out there is so filled with calmness, and romance, the best relaxation could be done here.

By sharp 11 pm the glittering show started, lights spilled out from the tower. The whole place, sourronded by darkness all over, looked suddenly bright with lights spilling out. In 5mts time we took some videos and pics and moved further to the popular shopping Champs Élysées. We took a rickshaw which a woman drove us, and in 20mts time we reached the street. Every rickshaw here is motor driven, some pedalled and music is run on the background. She drove us through many streets where we got an idea of the Paris architecture, which are huge and well built.


What was it like sitting in front of the Eiffel Tower and watching its beauty-3

My published article in Tripoto.

-The second level gives you more panaromic views and there are paid telescopes, to have a great view of the whole city. There are lot of souvenier shops to look around, lot of fast food shops, that have the best snacks to taste and cafes to sip and watch the view. There are some beautiful ambience filled restrunants, where you can taste some best French cuisine.

-The third level the highest point which gives you the full view of the city, and the blowing chill air, whereby you need to hold the rails to avoid dizziness, has a small exhibition hall, waxwork figures had maps to view the city. There is a lively bar to sip and enjoy besides some small shops and restrunants.

TIPS- 1) Book your tickets in advance to avoid long waiting ques. (We went by Tory packages so our tickets were booked).2) There is a thorough scrutiny of things you carry handbags, wallets, mobile phones, jackets, etc etc. See to that you carry very less in your hands. 3)The ride up the life and down lift is wonderful no doubt still climbing up the stairs till 2nd level gives you unique views. 4) Below the tower there are restrunants, cafes, snack bars where you can eat at a nominal price.5) Try reaching the garden lawn to view the glittering show, by sunset you will see the best of the tower.

Tamilnadu- 3-b


COONOOR- Located in the Nilgiris district of Tamilnadu with sub-tropical climate prevailing all over with Nilgiris ranges covering with Bhavani river, Moyal river flowing all over, coonoor is a very popular hill station to visit. Today tribes are the first inhabitants of coonoor.

TO DO -SEEING- Doddabeta, sims park, Catherine falls, Wellington lake, tantea museum, ralliah dam, Ketty, hidden valley, laws falls are places to see.

EATING- Tamilnadu, South Indian cuisine are popular all over.

SHOPPING- Artefacts, handicrafts, wooden clothes, cheese, tea are popularly shopped.

OTHER THINGS TO DO- Adventure sports is very popular here, there as exotic pubs, clubs, bars for enjoyable nightlife, while there are inneumerable centres to visit. There are relaxing resorts, rejuvanating spas, massage centres.

A very beautiful place to visit that has nature at it a best, picturesque views and trekking spots amidst lush green and cool air. Reaching coonoor, by Bus and Train is easy for they are well connected and there are flights till coimbatore airport. December -May is the best time to visit.



IMG_3278HAKONE- Intro- A town in Ashigarashimo in Kanagawa prefecture. This town is located on the eastern side of Hakone pass. Mount Fuji are the ranges covering this town, Kano river and oi river flow all through the town. This town is near to Tokyo the capital city of Japan. It is a onsen town(hot spring).

HISTORY/CULTURE- It was rue by Heian period, then by Sangami province then by Hajo clan, sengoku period, and edo period. Japanese culture prevail all through the town, people of Hakone are modern and rich with traditions having a friendly heart. Kosui matsuri, Reidai festival, dragon festival, lantern festival are popularly celebrated. Japanese traditional dance and music are popular all through the town.

REACHING- By air- Tokyo airport is the nearest. By Train-Hakone station is well connected. Hakone-Tuzanline and JR east rail are connected via Hakone. By Bus/Road- There are direct buses and highways are well laid. Local commutation- There are local trains, local buses, ferries, cable cars, cabs to commute

TO DO- SIGHTSEEING- Lake ashi, Hakone shrine, odawara castle, pola museum, Hakone gora park, Mishima sky walk, Hakone botanical garden, sounji, shasui falls, kogome hotspring are places to see.

EATING- Japanese cuisine is popular all through Hakone. Tofu, soba, Japanese yam, surimi dumplings, onsen Manju, Beer are popular food to taste and drink.

SHOPPING- Japanese handicrafts, artefacts, art paintings, electronic goods, Japanese soft silk, souveniers are popularly shopped. There are many malls, shopping markets, centres and supermarkets to shop.

OTHER THINGS TO DO- A partying relatable nightlife prevail all through Hakone. For adventure lovers-forest adventure, camping, trekking are popularly done. Besidesthe above there are inneumerable shrines, cultural, historical, and religious centres to visit. There are exotic pubs, bars’ clubs resorts and spa centres to relax.

TRIP PACKGES- There are weekend, one day, holiday, tourist, family trip packages offered from all over Japan and world.

March-June is the best time to visit Hakone. A beautiful place filled with nature and a must place to visit.




KODAIKANAL – It is called “Princess of hill station”. Kodai means summer while kanal means to see. It is the crown of Palani hills surrounded by thick forest, lush greenery and variety of flowers. Western ghats cover this whole area, and pykara river and vaigai river flow all through the city. Palaiyar tribe are the first inhabitants of kodaikana. Sub tropical highland climate legality all through the town.

TO DO- SIGHTSEEING- Kodai lake, Palani hills, silver cascade falls, Bryant park, croakers walk, Kurinji andavar temple, Kodaikanal pine forest, dolphin nose, Kodaikanal museum and Pambar cottage are places to see.

EATING- Tamilnadu, south Indian cuisine, prevail all through Kodaikanal. Fried momos, thukpa, chicken pot pie, pasta, idlis, sambhar, dosas, Vadas, hot boiled groundnuts, boiled roasted corn are popular to taste.

SHOPPING- Woolen wears, handicrafts, homemade chocolates, fresh variety fruits, spices, beauty care products, tea powder, wood artefacts, handloom products are popularly shopped.

OTHER THINGS TO DO- Adventure and extreme sports see popular here. There are exotic resorts, massage, spa centres, to relax. There are inneumerable temples to visit, there are religious, historical and culture centres to see in Kodaikanal. October- march is the best time to visit.

Kodaikanal is a beautiful to visit, relax and rejuvenate oneself. Reaching Kodaikanal by Train and then on driving up the hill by Bus, gives one a full view of the lush greenery. My friends as a group visited, Kodaikanal and said, “We felt totally rejuvanated. It was a break from our daily routine, and monotonous work above all we felt chill and cold after a long time”. True che Nani is hot these days.




NIKKO- INTRO- Located in Tochigi prefecture, on th Kanto region Nikko means-I am satisfied. Mt.nantai ranges run all over th city. Natarase river, Kingawa river flow all through town. Humid continental climate prevail all through the town.

HISTORY/CULTURE- Buddhist priest, shodo shanen found a shrine here, then it was ruled by Tokugawa leyasu and then by Meiji clan. Japanese culture prevail all through the city. People of Nikko are very traditional, rich culture followers and warm hearted. Spring festival, yayoi festival are celebrated. Japanese music, prevail all through the city, kagura is the dance form of nikko.

REACHING- By air- Narita airport is the nearest. By Train-Asakusa and shinjiku are the nearest railway station. By Bus/Road- There are direct buses to nikko and highways are well connected. Local commutation- Local buses, cabs, local trains, ferries are there to commute within the city.

SIGHTSEEING- Nikko Toshogu, lake chuzenji, rinnoji, kegon falls, mount nantai,  temple, oyaji, tochigi museum, utsynomiya zoo, furumine shrine, hangetsuyama park are places to see.

EATING- Japanese cuisine, prevail all through Nikko. Hubs, sashimi Yuba, cold noodles, sushi, shojinryouri, Japanese beef, tochi otome, kushihikari rice, mangu, local sake are popular to eat.

SHOPPING- Japanese woodcrafts, handicrafts, artefacts, electronic goods, ceramic art are popularly shopped. Nikko do plaza are famous shopping markets.

OTHER THINGS TO DO- Nightlife is popular all through Nikko, for colourful and enjoyable nightlife prevail. There are exotic bars, pubs, clubs to enjoy. For adventure sports lovers, extreme sports and adventure sports are popularly done. Eco wonderland theme park is a popular place to visit. Besides the above, there are inneumerable temples, religious, historical and cultural centres to visit. There exotic spas and resorts to rejuvenate.

TRIP PACKAGES- There are weekend, one day, short trip, holiday, family, picni, tourist packages offered from all over the world and Japan.

October is the best time Nikko. Japan is a very colourful, beautiful nature filled country and Nikko is a place to visit without fail.


What was it like sitting in front of the Eiffel Tower and watching its beauty-2

My published Tripoto article.

Sitting on the gardens that has the best chill grass, sipping drinks, you could go admiring the tower for hours. We reached the tower by 10pm and till 11.15pm, we sat admiring the tower grazing the grass. There are many admirers like me, who lie down, who stretch to relax, who click the tower from different angles, who take a stroll, who just hold hands with their partners and watch the beauty. The whole atmosphere is charged with peacefulness and calmness, believe me it will always be a life long memory in our minds.

Now as a travel writer here are some TO DO and TIPS when you visit Eiffel Tower.

-Climb stairs or ride up till the 2nd level and from there you will have, spectacular view of the whole city, from four corners. An ideal place to click pictures.

-The first level Eiffel Tower has one activities you might like to look around. There is an immersion show, a cultural path intro to history of Eiffel Tower, walking on the glass floor, some popular restrunants to taste yummy French cuisine, wonderful shops to see, do window shopping or full shopping and cafes to have best cappuccinos and cookies.



Next after a short coffee break, we headed further to the Disney parade which is a 45mts show. There were two rows of people sitting on each side and the show started. A team of Disney characters, on a vehicle would ride by us waving, saying hi, winking, giving us flying kisses. First came the TOYSTORY team, with a set of members, who were all dressed in green color, wearing colourful hats. Next came another set of members from JUNGLE BOOK team where a cart full of toy animals were among them. Next parade was from GREEN TURTLE-a team-sorry I don’t know this character name,who had small characters waving at us. Followed by a sun chariot filled with numerous people. Then came the DRAGON TEAM putting fire from its mouth, here again I am unaware of the character name. Another few more teams came by, looking colourful.

At the end came the FROZEN team, where the sisters were dancing around and waving at us. We then started walking, behind the chariots and got back to our couch. I have seen such a parade in the UNIVERSAL STUDIOS- Singapore in 2014. He I felt more enjoyable and very colourful. The characters too gave us happy atmosphere ofcourse, children enjoy the best during such parades. Giving our names pandeyji we headed back to Hotel DAWAAT-This time it was parathas, pickle and jamun sweet which was served personally. Next was THE LIDO SHOW-A part of our itinery. We didn’t want to go to the show instead we left for seeing the glittering show of Eiffel Tower in the night.